Recapping The CW's Ringer (Episode 3)

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OK, so here's what we know from the first two episodes. Bridget and Siobhan are identical twins that have completely different lives. Bridget is a recovering drug addict who witnessed a murder and is due to stand trial but runs, for fear of being killed by Bodaway Macawi, the man she's testifying against. Conversely, Siobhan lives a charmed life as an Upper East Side trophy wife. Bridget escapes witness protection and runs to Siobhan, who she hasn't seen in six years, for help. As they begin to reconnect on a boat in the Hamptons, Siobhan kills herself, or so Bridget thinks.

Bridget assumes Siobhan's identity, thinking she'll be safe but runs into problems when she realises Siobhan is in a loveless marriage, is pregnant by her best friend's husband and that someone is looking to have her killed. Come the end of the first two episodes we see that Siobhan has fled to Paris and is organizing to have Bridget killed in her place. Sisters really do think alike.

To complicate things even more, Bridget shot a man in self-defense when he was trying to kill who her when he thought was Siobhan. This week, as Bridget continues to find out more about Siobhan's life and she begins to piece together why someone might be after Siobhan.

Bridget postpones fleeing New York to be with her beau/NA sponsor Malcolm. While Bridget is trying to uncover who may be after her sister, Bodaway Macawi (who, just quietly looks way too much like Iggy Pop for it not to be a distraction), has captured Malcolm and is threatening him. Not with death, but with a hit of drugs, cause y'know, there's nothing a recovering addict hates more.

Malcolm won't talk, and since Bridget is desperate after finding out the people who are after Siobhan may be closer than she thinks, she goes to Agent Machado ? the FBI agent who is trying to track down the real Bridget. (Is it just us or does Agent Machado always look like he's wearing mascara?) By going to Agent Machado Bridget thinks she had bought Siobhan, and therefore herself, more time.

Meanwhile Siobhan, who has fled to Paris, is indulging in some afternoon delights with an expat, and is seemingly awaiting the news that her sister has been killed. Presumably, she has put the hit out on Bridget, but why?

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