Ringer Recap Episode 4

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It's Siobhan and Bridget's birthday and Siobhan's husband decides to take Siobhan (who is really Bridget) to the Hamptons to celebrate with Henry and Gemma. While there, Bridget discards the remaining evidence of what has happened but Agent Machado catches her doing so on film.
Agent Machado confronts Gemma and informs her that Siobhan has a twin who is on the run ? something that no one in Siobhan's life knows. She confronts Siobhan and in order to cover her tracks, she lies and says she doesn't know where Bridget is.

Back in Paris, the real Siobhan is running out of money and options and is all alone on her birthday until the mystery man she encountered last week decides to take her out and pay for her stay in Paris. She quickly goes behind his back continues to make mysterious calls to people about "the plan."

Agent Machado finds evidence that Siobhan (actually Bridget) has been contacting Malcolm, Bridget's sponsor. He believes Siobhan is doing so in order to find Bridget, unaware that he's been talking to Bridget all along. Things get worse in the Hamptons when Henry once again confronts Siobhan about their affair and her pregnancy, only this time, Gemma overhears. Gemma confronts who she thinks is Siobhan about the affair and pregnancy, and in order to keep her sister's life and marriage together, Bridget tells Gemma who she really is?

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