Recapping The CW's Ringer: Episode 5

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This week's episode picks up the day after episode four ended. Siobhan, her husband Andrew and her ex-lover/ best friend's husband Henry are on their way back to the city from the Hamptons. We learn that Gemma, Siobhan's best friend, left early after finding out that Siobhan and Henry were having an affair. While Bridget (pretending to be Siobhan) tries to explain who she really is, Gemma isn't hearing any of it and leaves for the city.

When they return, they find that Andrew's daughter Juliet has trashed the apartment and shows no remorse. Siobhan convinces Andrew that Juliet has a drug problem and needs help. When Juliet returns and sees that they've gone through her room, she seeks revenge by trashing Siobhan's closet. By the end of the episode it appears that the two are making amends.

Bodaway's men still have Malcolm and are still injecting him with drugs in the hopes that Malcolm's will to stay clean will force him to divulge information about Bridget's whereabouts, but as yet he won't give any information.

Meanwhile, Gemma has been looking back at old photos and has figured out that Bridget was telling the truth about who she really is. Gemma decides to make a deal with Bridget: she will keep the truth about Bridget secret but in exchange for keeping her mouth shut, Gemma asks Bridget to stage sex with Henry so that she can divorce him without him gaining any of her wealth. When Bridget refuses and tells Henry Gemma's plans, Gemma calls Siobhan's husband Andrew in tears to tell him the truth about who he thinks is his wife. When Andrew arrives at Gemma's house, Henry opens the door and asks Andrew to leave, telling him everything is fine. The episode ends with Henry walking through his blood-stained house in tears?.

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