Rock ALPHABET LOUNGE 104 Ave. C (7th St.), ...

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119 E. 27th St. (betw. Park & Lexington Aves.), 686-5500. SUN: SUR-BETTE: The restaurant crowd is loyal to itself-all the bartenders, waiters & maitre d's know each other & grumble collectively at the end of a long night's work. Where do they grumble? At Murray Hill's young & sassy French spot Aubette, where bartenders Danny & Derek host a drinking & kvetching night for their foodie friends. Funk, soul, r&b & Latin; 10-4, free. TUES: LA MERDE: DJ Cosi spins acid jazz, funk, soul & r&b to a chattering after-work crowd hopped up on Stoli flavored vodka drinks. A slew of hosts presides over the fashionable crowd. Cigars & hors d'oeuvres available. Don't come in jeans or "dressed down" or the eagle-eyed door man won't let you in. Sure it's a bit of a nose-in-the-air crowd, 971-9445 for info; 6, free.
358 Bowery (4th St.), 475-2220. TUES: BEIGE: There's no shortage of attractive people in this city-& this long-running smoke-a-thon does the job just right when you need an ego lift, standard lounge & disco by guest DJs; 10, free.
418 W. 14th St. (9th Ave.), 206-1590 or THURS: NICE & EASY: Triphop party with Kienyo, Tomo & Nickodemus; 10; $5. FRI: S.O.U.P.; Monthly underground party spun by Emily Ng, Baby Hec Romero, Chris Love Kausch & Chicago DJ Terry Mullan; 10, $10, $5 w/ invite. MON: 3000 BEAT: The first Monday of the month DJ nite with Young Richard, Masa, Akira, Hirotaka & others; 10, $4.
BAR 13
35 E. 13th St. (University Pl.), 604-4136. WED: BEEP: Progressive house; 10, free.
BAR 85
504 W. 16th St. (betw. 10th & 11th Aves.), 631-1000. THURS: LIPSTICK & CANDY: Weekly party for bisexual & bicurious females. for info; 9, $15, $10 w/invite. SAT: LOVERGIRL: MK & Storm spin house, reggae & Latin at this all-women's party. Tonight, groovalicious Halloween party feat. "the dyke who shagged me" costume contest with $200 cash prize; 10, $10, $12 after 12.
29 Bedford St. (Downing St.), 627-1580. WEDS: GET SLEAZY!: DJ Frank O spins his usual, go go shows at 11, 12 & 1; 10, $5. THURS: IN HI-FI: DJ Jack Fetterman's weekly party dabbles between 70s go-go, soundtrack blips & drum 'n' bass; 7, free. FRI: 29 MUSAK STREET: Mixed crowd dances & drinks to Mickey Dulanto's assorted house tunes; 12, free. MON: PLEASURE: DJ Sharee spins soul & r&b for the lesbians; 10, $3.
98 3rd Ave. (betw. 12th & 13th St.), (800) 923-0192. FRI: VINDALOO: Weekly party with DJs Mike Bryant & Jaesun-house beats with weekly guests; 11, $3.
133 Ave. C (betw. 8th & 9th Sts.), 539-0811. WEDS: THIAROYE: DJs Dakar & Ken play roots reggae & drum 'n' bass; 10, free. THURS: SABOR LATINA: Brazilian, Cuban & salsa spun by DJ Problema; 10, free. FRI: DJ Maurice spins soul, funk & Brazilian party songs; 10, free. MON: LOCK, STOCK & TWO SMOKING TURNTABLES: Repoman, king of the cleverly-titled club nights, spins UK triphop, big beat, breaks & funky house fo' yo slumming ass; 10, free. TUES: EMBASSY: Night of breakbeats, triphop, jungle & minimal intelligent ecclectika with DJ Philter; 10, free.
538 E. 14th St. (betw. Aves. A & B), 228-2240. WEDS: REAGAN DEATH WATCH: Night dedicated to everything 80s with skantily-dressed dancers shakin' their thing to tunes spun by DJs Mike Rx & Mike M.D.; 10, free. THURS: THIRSTY?: New soul party for all the drivers with da cars that go boom-LA style with DJ Oz; 10, free. FRI: SQUARESVILLE: Dr. Ringding & Slim Chance play anything from "guitar & sax grind" to punk, soul & metal; 10, free. SAT: STRANGE CARGO: DJ Blind Chilly Stingray spins hillbilly swing, jump blues, 60s r&b & brit-rock; 10, free. SUN: BARE FUNKIFIED HIDE: K.L. Diablo spins soul, funk & other grooves while Miss Eliesha & her "Brooklyn Cuties" jiggle & jive away; 10, $3. MON: STORMY MONDAYS: DJ Laura Lux spins cocktail & lounge type tunes; 7-12, free. TUES: COUNTRY HAYRIDE: The Lonesome Cowboy spins the ultimate drinking music: country/western. Come explore themes such as prison, cheating, being a drunk & trash-talking women; 10, free.
231 E. 14th St. (betw. 2nd & 3rd Aves.), 539-1389. WEDS: MEAN STREETS: Funk, soul & blues to drive the troubles home, & booze in which to drown them-hosted by DJ Trouble Man; 10, free. THURS: FAT THURSDAY: New Orleans r&b, Mardi Gras style, with the Professor; 10, free. SUN: FORT BARRACUDA: DJ Bevin spins cranked-up country, soul, punk & classic selections from the 70s & 80s for all the East Village hotties; 10, free. TUES: TRUCK STOP TUESDAY: The Professor gives the truckers in the house the country they've been looking for. Bring your CB radio & favorite Wrangler shirt; 10, free.
117 E. 15th St. (betw. Irving Pl. & Union Sq. E.), 533-0009. WEDS: WILD STYLE: JMZ hosts city's only Black 80s party; 9, free. THURS: DJ Alex supplies Latin, big beat & house; 9:30, free. FRI: AFROLICIOUS: DJ K.L. Diablo spins hiphop, funk & soul for the weekenders; 9:30, $5. SAT: DJ Dan's on the 1 & 2's with brand new r&b flava; 9:30, $5. MON: DIAL "S" FOR SWANK: DJ Swanky Don spins jazz funk, salsa, boogaloo, lounge & 60s pop; 9:30, free. TUES: BOOGIE WONDERLAND: Funk flavors spun by DJ James; 9:30, free.
366 Metropolitan Ave. (Havemeyer St.), 718-599-0243, Williamsburg, 718-599-0243. Also see "Jazz." WEDS & THURS: DJ-O-RAMA: Night filled with reggae, ska, dancehall & dub; 10, free. THURS: DJ-O-RAMA: Best of soul, funk, hiphop & some r&b flava; 10, free. TUES: MUCHO DE CUBA: Daniela & Armando of La Rumba host bi-monthly Latin party feat. mambo, cha-cha & rumba sounds spun by DJ Medina; 10, free.
92 2nd Ave. (betw. 5th & 6th Sts.), 254-4747. FRI: CHAISE LOUNGE: Bruce Tantum spins loungy to tech house; 10, free. SAT: BLACK STAR LOUNGE: Lemuel spins disco to Massive Attack; 10, free. SUN: FUNKTOFUNK: DJ Johnny Velveeta spins funk, old skool & breakbeat; 9, free. MON: STOP, DROP, ROLO: Rolo spins soul, Latin, funk, rock, & hip-hop; 10, free. TUES: EASY SRAR REGGAE TUESDAYS: King Crown International spins roots, dub & dancehall, all with a conscious/positive angle. Jamaican eats are available to quell the munchies; 10, free.
235 Eldridge St. (betw. Houston & Stanton Sts.), 777-0588. WEDS: GRAVITATE: Latin to hiphop sounds spun by DJ Vision, 10, free. THURS: SHADE: Joey Ty spins funk, grooves & tracks you will find perfect for nursing that beer to; bar open at 7, music at 10, free. SAT: LIL BOBCAT 500: DJ Lil Petey spins anything he wants to as LES cats drink 2-4-1 during happy hour (7-10) as the invading-from-other-neighborhood bar crawlers eventually trawl their way over to the quiet salon by 2 a.m.; 7, free. SUN: PSYCHEDELIC SUNDAYS: DJ Wolf croons sounds from the 60s & 70s; happy hour 7-10, free. MON: FLASHBACK MONDAYS: Joey Ty spins 80s classics; 10, free. TUES: TOXIC TUESDAYS: R&b, soul & classic spun by DJ Jeff; 10, free.
47 E. Houston St. (betw. Mulberry & Mott Sts.), 353-7251. WEDS: BOTANICA WEDNESDAYS: DJ Mr. Fine Wine spins classic soul 45's; 10, free. THURS: SPACE-AGE SURF PARTY: DJ hotfoot serves up surf tunes & cool waves; 9, free. FRI: MIXOLOGY 101: Saint Luke spins whatever he feels like, but it's mostly blues, jungle, triphop & jazz; 10, free. SUN: Sport your beach-wear cuz it's DJ surfin' Dan; 8, free. MON: POWERLOUNGE!: DJ Shakey J spins just about everything from rock to jazz, order take-out straight to the bar; 8, free. TUES: BOTANICA TUESDAYS: DJs Jes Grew & $mall Change spin triphop, hiphop, jungle & blues; 9, free.
110 University Pl. (betw. 12th & 13th Sts.), 255-8188. MON: NIGHT STRIKE: Glow-in-the-dark bowling to a soundtrack of techno & jungle. An NYU crowd gets drunk & rolls a ball down a lane, trying to knock over stationary objects. Brilliant-your parents are paying $100,000 for this?; 10-3, $14 (incl. shoes & unlimited bowling).
169 Ave. A (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 420-8392. Also see "Rock." WEDS: INVISIBLE CITIES: The weirdest of the weird in abstract & left-field electronics brought to you by the folks at Etherea. Special guests weekly, plus residents Strip Centre, Rich, Don Rainwater, MTA, Mr. Impossible & Alison T; 11, free. THURS: THREE STARS: Biweekly hiphop, jungle & soul party, feat. a wide variety of acts & DJs; 11, $7, $5 w/flyer. TUES: DECKSTATIC: Weekly DJ series feat. guest selectors mixing hiphop, dub, jungle & soundtrack cuts. Hosted by Conrad X, Mia & Angola, past guests have included the Arsonists, Rock Steady Crew, the Jungle Brothers, Prince Paul, The Freestylers & others, $3 pints until 12:30; 11, $3.
104 Greenwich St. (betw. Albany & Carlisle Sts.), 267-4646. SAT: ATREVETE: DJs Richie & Danny play Latin pop, salsa, merengue & Brazilian; DJs Fish, Casper & Ozzie play r&b, reggae & hiphop; 10, free before 11:30, $10-$20 after.
12 W. 21st St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 206-7770. WEDS: LOVE SEXY: Hiphop, reggae & r&b for a mixed crowd, opened by stand-up comedy; stand-up at 8, music at 10, $15, $5 for men before 10, women free until 1. THURS: UNIVERSAL: Weekly night named after crowd & music played. DJs Eddie Baez Merritt & Guests spin house from around the world, donwstairs it's hiphop music by DJ Surg; $20. FRI: HUSH: Soulful house & garage on the main floor with DJ Exacta, hiphop downstairs; 10, $20 (call 717-5369 to get on reduced list) SAT: TROUBLE: House upstairs & hiphop, soul & r&b downstairs for a Hampton-centric crowd; 10, $20. SUN: BOYS LIFE: Rob & Mark Nelson pres. Cheetah's weekly gay night; 10, $10. MON: PURR: Belinda, Bonnie & Taquana's long-going hiphop party draws a well-dressed, well-connected downtown crowd. DJ Jules spins; 11, women $7, men $15. TUES: 12 WEST: Disco legend Nicky Siano (Studio 54) hosts new party, call 877-TWELVEWEST for info; 7-1, $10.
268 W. 47th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 398-3800 or www. WEDS: DUET: Biweekly party for sophisticated adults, 679-2000 for info & res.; 9, $60 per couple, $50 w/invite. FRI: FORTUNE FRIDAYS: Chi Chi, Anthony Michael & Damon mastermind an outrageous affair, with DJ Marc King playing house for the main floor, & Arson spinning hiphop, funk & disco in the lounge; 10, $10-$20.
32 Watts St. (betw. 6th Ave. & Thompson St.), 941-1781. THURS: JE NE SAIS QUOI: Obselete spins acid jazz triphop every week for West Village crowd; 10-3, free.
252 W. 43rd St. (betw. B'way & 8th Ave.), 997-9510. FRI: BOMBA INT'L: DJ Babaloo, a master of all music Latin & DJ Jonny Sender spins blend of salsa, world & hiphop-dress to impress; 11, $5-$7.
179 Varick St. (Houston St.), 243-1999. THURS: FLASHHHBACK: Grandmaster Flash spins old skool rap, hip-hip classics & a little disco to shake your nite down; 9, $15. FRI: HERE THEY ARE NOW: DJ Pete Bones mixes 80s dance hits 'til 3 a.m. then house & freestyle 'til 5. Upstairs from 10-2 DJ Marlin B plays 80s B-sides & new skool from 2-5; 9, $15. SAT: ME! ME! ME!: 80s in all it's glory; 9, $15.
85 Broadway (Berry St.), Bklyn., 718-466-3077. SUN: AUDIO BUFFET: Turntablists regulars DJ Dizzy & Bess, from Williamsburg microradio station free103point9, spin an eclectic mix with guest DJs & performers; 10, free.
222 E. 14th St. (betw. 2nd & 3rd), 358-5094. TUES: CHERI: Ms. Paisley & DJ Fabian from the House of Field pres. shameless night of debutantes & midget strippers; 10, $10.
511 Greenwich St. (Spring St.), 219-2850. FRI: SQUEEZEBOX: Jackie O & Justin Bond host outrageous night of drag shows & live performances, 10, $10. SAT: TISWAS: Nick Marc & Keith Ozar host long-running party for brit pop & chemical beats. Go-go boys cater to the polysexual vibe of its "I'm so crazy" patrons; 9, $5-$10.
173 Mott St. (betw. Kenmare & Broome Sts.), 941-1282. SUN: MELTIN' POT: The Soul Immigrants (DJ Fabrizio & DJ Tommy) touch down for a night of eclectic dance music, tonight feat. DJ $mall Change on the tables; 10, free. THU: ORGANIC GROOVES: Sasha Crnobrnia spins & hosts; 9:30-2, free.
339 E. 10th St. (betw. Aves. A & B), 228-2435. WEDS: OXYGEN: Techno, blipperings & beats by DJs Redboy & Kojak with special guests; 10, free. THURS: DRINKLAND THURSDAYS DJ Dominique from Plant Records & selected guests spin trip-hop & more; 10, free. SUN: TESTPRESS SUNDAYS: Resident DJ Swingsett invites selectors Cassien, Lion, Seoul, Reid Speed, Dinesh, Delmar, Carol C., Yoshi, Christian Bruna & many others for an "in rotation" series of drum 'n' bass, roots, hiphop & breakbeats. Cheap drinks; 10, free. MON: DJ Russ & friends offer up a night of trip-hop; 10, free. TUES: TOKYO LUCKY HOLE: Scott from Etherea hosts night of house & hiphop; 10, free.
193 B'way (betw. 20th & 21st St.), 718-383-8357. SUN: WILDLIFE: DJ JMZ attempts to tame the beast in all of us with an eclectic mix of music & exotic food, hosted by Alexis, Kat & Jemma; 9-2, free.
547 W. 21st St. (betw. 10th & 11th Aves.), 243-2121. THURS: TROPICANA: Club, Latin & reggae music; 10, $15-$20. FRI: 110% PURE: Tammy Ford, Steve Acevedo & BigStan & Co. host party with fashion shows & surprise performances for hipsters & hiphoppers. Stretch Armstrong blends sophisto hiphop, soul & funk into the mix; 11, women free before 12, $15-$25. SAT: LATIN SATURDAYS: Weekly party spinnin' the hottest salsa & merenge, open bar 10-11; women free before 12, $15-$25.
301 W. 39th St. (8th Ave.), 631-1093. FRI: HER/SHE BAR: Famous weekly woman's party (gay men welcome too)-hiphop, reggae, house, Latin & r&b. Tonight, pre-Halloween bash with best costume contest & spectacular performance by the Diva's of Escuelita at 2 a.m.; 10, $5-$8.
349 B'way (Leonard St.), 343-0957. FRI: LIQUID FRI: Mix of hiphop, r&b & classics by DJ Ken, dress code always enforced; 10, $10-$15. MON: KONKRETE JUNGLE: NY's longest running drum 'n' bass party changes locations again-regular DJs incl. Cassien, del Mar, SoulSlinger, Swingsett & guests; 10:30, $10. TUES: ABSTRAKT FUTURE LOUNGE: DJs Spooky, Singe, I-Sound, Ambassador Jr., Rekha, Delmar, Diraiki, Cassien, Wally, Soulslinger, Darkstar, Steelworkerz, Scud, Cruz, 5th Platoon, Somatic, Badawi, Tube & others make this night a veritable who's who in the city's eclectronica & jungle scene. Soundlab crew hosts; 10, $3-$5.
219 2nd Ave. (betw. 13th & 14th Sts.), 533-2860. WEDS: CLOUD 9: Weekly party of Brit pop spun by DJ Sammy Jo & "unearthly visuals" by Luigi, Michael & Brandon; 10, $3. SAT: THE PARTY KIT: Halloween 99-DJ Tuesdae, her superheros & go-go dancers serve up free witches brew & candy; 11, $10, $5 w/invite or as your fav superhero.
660 Fulton St. (S. Elliott St.), Brooklyn, 726-1322. FRI: BANG THE PARTY: E-man & Lorie's bi-borough deep house party with with special guests incl. gobblins, performances & free buffet; 11, $5. SUN: SHAKE N' BAKE BTP-BBQ: E-Man spins much of the same with Chi-town guests; 4, $5.
221 2nd Ave. (13th St.), 254-5260. WEDS: LATIN TRIBE: DJs Babaloo, Petey Weedy & Saphro spin vintage latin grooves; 9, $5, women free until 10. THURS: FEEDBACK: Music by Justin Nichols & Holmar Filipsson with DJs Neil Aline & Matthias Heilbronn; 11, free.
3 Orchard St. (Canal St.), 925-9975. WEDS: B&L: Deejay Punk-Roc, Samba & Kali spin deep house, sponsored by Cductive; 10, free.
99 2nd Ave. (betw. 5th & 6th Sts.), 533-0990. WEDS: 867-5309: Celebrate Reagan with Jenny Jenny's 80s party; 8, free. THURS: CHEMICAL LOUNGE: Weird science with Sebastian & DJ Miss Am-Erika; 8, free. FRI: ROCK WITH RABBIT: Everything under the East Village sun, with host Jessica Rabbit & DJ Erick Epic; 8, free. SAT: HATTIE & SWEETIE TAKE ON BRIDGE 'N' TUNNEL: DJ Tennessee hosts this party in honor of the khaki & booty pants crowd; 8, free. SUN: PLASTIC SUNDAYS: Ambient house, techno & trance with Young Richard, Tjet Clark & Maggie; 917-406-5837 for info; 9, free. TUES: SOUL BURGER: Burgers & lounge for music industry types. Hosted by Cynthia Cherry & Nina Ritter; 8, free.
166 1st Ave. (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 228-0444. WEDS: DEEP TRAX: Live drum 'n' bass performances feat. Nymph & Droid while DJs Swingsett, Yoshi, Cassien & guests spin hiphop, triphop & jungle between sets; 9, $5. THURS: ASSORTED FLAVOURS: DJ Dan Stein spins 100% dance music; 8, $5. MON: Joel Newton Situation; 11:30, $6.
228 W. 4th St. (betw. 7th Ave. & W. 10th St.), 414-4345. BATUCADA: Cducitve sponsors weekly party with Carlos Terra & DJ Samba spinning house & classics; 10, free.
76 E. 13th St. (betw. B'way & 4th Ave.), 388-1060. WEDS: HUMPDAY: DJ Stefan's at the tables tonight; 10. THURS: PIMPN8EZ: Infamous Funkmaster Flex from Hot 97 spins hot r&b, hiphop & soul; 10, $20. FRI: FAT BLACK PUSSYCAT: DJ Mark Ronson rocks da house; 10, $20. SAT: KEY CLUB SATURDAYS: DJ Devon hosts; 10, $20.
470 6th Ave. (betw. 11th & 12th Sts.), 243-2222. SAT: Earthquake Sound pres. night of jungle, hiphop, r&b & reggae with DJs Vital & White Owl; 11, free.
827 Broadway (12th St.), 254-6436. THURS: LA RUMBA: Live Afro-Cuban music by Nelson Gonzalez y Son Mundano at 8:30 with dance lessons at 7:30, $10, $8 w/ invite from
15 1st Ave. (betw. Houston & 1st Sts.), 592-3138 or WEDS: SOUL FUNK MAKOSSA: La Loca & Cris A.C. host while DJ Vision (from Vaya), Soulfrito & Mr. Martinez spin funk, soul, salsa & house; musicians invited to get into the mix, 592-3138 for info; 9, free. FRI: GET DOWN ON IT: DJ Flow spins disco, & funk; 9, free. SAT: GET STARTED EARLY: Drink specials until 9 with our favorite bartender Sammy, DJs spin til 4, free.
99 E. 2ND Ave. (betw. Ave. A & 1st Sts.), 673-8908. S&m cafe with nightly fetish shows. FRI: SEX-O-DELIC: S&m shows & fetish-themed conversation with Brendt Sterling & Rustyn L. Birch; 11.
248 E. 5th St. (2nd Ave.), 539-4591. SAT: T.H.E.M. SATURDAYS: JC & DJ Ulysses pres. a night of techno, house & electro; 10, free.
158 Bleecker St. (Thompson St.), 420-1999. WEDS: LEGENDS: John Davis' party is a mid-week boost for the city's house crowd. The long but narrow-ish room is perfect for dancing & the couches splayed at the elevated seating area are perfect vantage points for checking out the dancefloor action. Resident Adam Scott & guests, spinning deep house in New Room. THURS: GET A LIFE: Hosts Desmond, Erich Conrad, Boozy Suzie & Edwige hold court over fashionistas, disco dusters, implant idiots & trust fund kids. Swingsett spins in the "Queenie Tops" lounge, Jackie Christie in the "Pussy Boots Lounge," big name guests on the main floor; 10, $10. FRI: GRANDMASTER FLASH: Legendary DJ spins with supporting DJ Jackie Christie; 11, $10-$20. SUN: PRE-PARADE HALLOWEEN BLITZ: MC Misunderstood & Pop Sustainability host live webcast betweeen NYC & Barcelona feat. breakdancers & soca dancers; 4-9, $15, rsvp 925-9989 or BOY'S LIFE: Night starts w/Billy Carroll's tea dance (doors at 7), followed by DJ Eddie X, Girlina & others spinning hard house until dawn for the Chelsea scene; 10, $10-$20. TUES: GRANDMASTER FLASH: New Flash party (see above); 11, $10-$20.
660 6th Ave. (20th St.), 807-7850. WEDS: UK BLITZ: Weekly event showcasing big-name British DJs; 1 a.m., $20, $10 w/invite. THURS: GARAGE CITY NYC: DJ David Camacho spins deep house in the main room; 10, $20, $15 w/invite. FRI: LIMELIGHT FRIDAYS: They've brought in promoters Erich Conrad (of "Beige" & "Get a Life") & the Von Broock brothers to attract the Eurotrash & fashionistas, while Donovan Leitch & a host of other downtown fixtures host the side rooms. Alex Lauterstein & Maarten spin big-room house in the main floor; 10, $20. SAT: FUNCLUB: Penelope Tuesdae & Fancy host hepcat room at Limelight's busy Saturdays. Midnight floor show features Miss Tuesdae & Fancy performing old favorites to new hits, drag king Murray Hill & gogo dancer Viva Knieval also perform, 358-5915 for information. Also, "Love & Sugar" in the Boom Boom Room, hosted by Jaques & Pascal, 330-8333 for information. $15-$20.
266 E. 10th St. (betw. 1st Ave. & Ave. A), 677-1717. THURS: TRANCENDANCE: Glenn Burger spins U.K. house & trance; 6, free. FRI: STARMARKET: Johan Afterglow & 3PO spin house; 10, free. MON: THINK: Dub Spot's DJ Killamari & Satoko spin underground/abstract hiphop; 10, free. TUES: HOOKA LOUNGE: Ambient, electronic music for chilling presented by Wanderlust ( DJs Dots, Lego, Kienyo & guests spin all varieties of ambient, atmospheric music. Tents, hookah pipes & a blazing fireplace add to the mood; 9, free.
24 1st Ave. (betw. 1st & 2nd Sts.), 473-0516. Restaurant/Cabaret/Karaoke Lounge. All shows free w/entree, Karaoke in goldfish pond room. WEDS: Mistress Formika. THURS: Bitchy comedy by Hedda Lettuce. FRI & SAT: Miss Understood, Victoria Westin, Bianca la Bianca & Angelique Ali. SUN & MON: "Fresh as a Douche" with Baby Jane Doe. TUES: Victoria Westin.
165 Ludlow St. (betw. Houston & Stanton Sts.), 353-0536. WEDS: OPEN: DJ Diamond David Lee spins all types of dance music incl. triphop & jazz-funk; 10, free. THURS: ORGY: Time Out New York's clubs editor Adam Goldstone spins a mix of funk, r&b & house; 10, free. FRI: NO MERCY RHYTHMS: Hirotaka spins world music that's danceable; 10. SAT: SPICY: Disco, house & Latin with DJ Jarad; 10, free. SUN: TOGETHER: DJ Greg Poole mixes everything from AC/DC to house; 10, free. MON: LOW PROFILE: DJ Qool Marv, the hardest working DJ in town, keeps it on the LP with acid jazz, UK soul & groove classics. This is one of the best, longest-running Monday parties around; 10, free. TUES: RESURRECTION: DJ Stormin' Norman spins old school hiphop, soul classics & reggae; 10, free.
94 W. Houston St. (betw. LaGuardia Pl. & Thompson St.), 539-0808. THURS: MÉNAGE: DJ Timmy Richardson spins classic soul, r&b, hiphop & salsa to rid you of those work-week blues; 5-1, free.
217 E. Houston St. (betw. Ludlow & Essex Sts.), 260-4700. Also see "Rock." FRI: AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: Downtown rock venue hosts dance night feat. DJ $mall Change spining an assortment of danceable tunes-Elvis to Black Elvis; 12, $3.
252 E. 51st St. (2nd Ave.), 888-2453. WEDS: DJ Qool Marv spins warm, jazzy r&b-think Maxwell, Sade, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo; 8, free.
432 W. 14th St. (Washington St.), 366-5680. WEDS: HEROES: New romantic monthly party pays tribute to everything 80s-black eyeliner, Erasure & gogo girls (Depeche Mode trib. party tonight). DJ Andy Anderson spins in main room, Sammy Jo, Kenny & Derek spin pop in the B-Side Lounge, don't forget the dress code; 11, $5-$7. THURS: LONG BLACK VEIL: DJ Ian Fford spins goth, vampyre & other dark-themed music at this vampyre/fetish/goth club, hosted by founding father of Sabretooth, Father Sebastian. Tonight, Vampyres Almanac 2000 release party; 10:30, $7-$10. FRI: CLIT CLUB: Millie & DM spin house, techno & some backroom lounge at NY's longest-running dance party for gay women; 10, $3-$9. SAT: CLICK & DRAG: Tonight, Mother's weekly cyber-fetish party gets bestial, with equine- & canine-themed performances, set to techno, industrial & hard house; 10:30, $5-$15. TUES: VAMPRYE BALL 99: Do you think these Vampyre/vampire/gothic/fetish enthusiasts know how to celebrate Halloween/ You betcha; 10, $15.
264 Elizabeth St. (betw. Houston & Prince Sts.), 226-0559. FRI: SOUL HEAVEN: DJ Alex Q spins soul classics & underground tunes, from Aretha to Sun Ra; 10, free.
17 Thompson St. (betw. Canal & Grand Sts.), 343-0828. TUES: SHARE LIBERATIONS: DJ Qool Marv & Vouvou spinn urban lounge, hiphop & world at chilled out spot that's more conducive to quality time than "being seen" by the movers & shakers, drink specials 6-9; 6, free. WEDS: LATIN JAM: Salsa with John Benitez Latin Quartet; 9:30, free.
246 W. 14th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 675-1567. Also see "Rock." WEDS: CUBANSOUL/WORLDBEAT CAFE: Live play upstairs & "Worldbeat Cafe" downstairs feat. Haitian & African music, for info. Tonight, Nelson Gonzalez y Son Mundano performs; 9, $7-$10. THURS: BLACK CHERRY SOUL: Roland Skinner, Thomas Moller, Scott Harrison & Egizio host a night both for couples & singles looking to make one. A mostly-of-color crowd packs Nell's for live reggae bands upstairs, DJs Larry Blaze & Eric LaPeau spinning r&b, hiphop & reggae down, for info; 10, $10.
245 Houston St. (Norfolk St.), 674-7788. WEDS: DEEP SEE: Cductive staff hosts night of rare grooves with DJs Samba, Kali & Yeshua da Poed, 10, free. FRI: NEVERLAND: DJ Prozac plays techno, ambient & electro to a sake-sipping & fish-supping clientele; 10, free. TUES: SNAFU: DJ Henry Hall & Simeon deliver mix of progressive house with touch of tribal; 10, free.
234 W. Broadway (White St.), 925-2901. SAT: LA RUMBA: Live afro-cuban music, complete with free dance lessons; Live music from Pan Con Timba starts at 10:30, lessons at 8:30, $10.
22 7th Ave. S. (Leroy St.), 293-0323 or THURS: GLORYA WHOLESOME'S TRANNIE CHASER: Glorya Wholesome & Gil's party for transsexuals, cross-dressers & their admirers is getting quite a pick up lately, attracting a well-heeled, sophisticated crowd of the curious, the practiced & the merely voyeuristic. Guest DJs spins a mix of house, disco, campy show tunes & anything else that would make a drag queen squeal. Drag shows each week feat. the creme-de-la-creme of Glorya's friends; 10, $15, $10 for women & dressed trannies. SAT: GLORYA WHOLESOME'S TRANNIE CHASER LIVING LEGENDS: Glorya Wholesome & Gil's party for transsexuals & cross-dressers; 10, $15-$20, $10 for women & dressed trannies.
289 Spring St. (Hudson St.), 929-NVNV. THURS: NVIOUS: DJ Ted Dillinger spins old school hiphop downstairs, while DJ Boris turns out house music on main floor, hosted by Artie, Joey, Anthony Michael, Dino A.C. & Chris A.C; 10, $15-$20.
16 W. 22nd St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 229-2000. THURS: FLIRT: Dinner at 8, music by DJs Eddie & Justin with open bar 10-11; 10; free 8-10, $20 after. FRI: EGO: Damon, Richie Romero, Anthony Michael & Jean Claude host house/hiphop/funk party; 10 $20, women free before 12.
85 Ave. A (betw. 5th & 6th Sts.), 475-5050. WEDS: HOLLYWOOD: Hiphop party with DJ Hiro spinnin', 10, $10. THURS: SAY IT LOUD: DJ Qool Marv moves his long-running party to Opaline's dance floor mixing hiphop, soul, r&b & reggae-if you're straight & reasonably confident, you should have a good time at this diverse congregation of attractive 20-somethings; 10, $3. FRI: TOGETHER: DJs Daniel Collas, Georgie Seville & James Spooner "spin love American style" for all the tight-clothed beauties that tend to frequent Life on Wednesdays; 12 midnight, $5+
539 W. 21st St. (betw. 10th & 11th Aves.), 229-1618. SAT: WONDERLAND: Shlomi Avdoo, Tamar, Nelson Hitchcock & a slew of others host Opera's weekend night for cigar-smokers & limo-takers. Alex & Richie spin commercial dance in the main room with percussion by Javier Rivera, hiphop, reggae & 80s music in VIP lounge; 10, $15-$20.
200 Orchard St. (betw. Houston & Stanton Sts.), 673-5350. WEDS: ECOUTÉ: DJ Chillfreez spins "intelligent smooth grooves for the discerning ear;" 10, free. THURS: DJ Nod spins breakbeats & Latin favorites, 9, free. FRI: ROYAL FUNK: Mix of drum 'n' bass, house & Brazilian music with Wayne on the tables, 10, free. SUN: TABLEMANNERS: All female DJs-Steel, Doomer & Chicago-spin hiphop & drum 'n' bass; 10, free.
109 E. 9th St. (betw. 3rd & 4th Aves.), 529-5333 or FRI: SNACK PACK: Weekly party with DJ Tuesdae spinnin' 60s lounge, 70s disco, 80s hits & 90s pop, hiphop, house & go-go dancers; 10; $5, free before 12. MON: SWINGIN' MONDAYS: Miss Hi-Fi Honey spins classic swing music between sets by Flipped Fedoras, for reduced list; 10-1, $5.
215 W. 28th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 726-8820. WEDS: CLUBHOUSE: Two levels of music with hiphop in the lounge; 10, free before 11, $5 11-12, $8 after 12. FRI: OPEN: DJs D 26 & Mercy_Killah spin deep ambient dub; 10, $12.
101 Ave. A (6th St.), 473-7184. WEDS: FREE ZONE: A night for queers, trannies & other polysexuals, feat. garage, hiphop, funk & house on the main floor, & jungle & ultralounge downstairs; $5, $3 before 11 w/flyer. FRI: 1984: Dark & sweaty den pumps out the 80s hits for nostalgia worshippers, hairless 20-something pretty boys & general weirdoes; 10, $5. SAT: EXEDOR: DJs Cry Wolf, Mike Wood & the Borg spin industrial, synth-pop, new wave, Charlie the Slut spins goth & death rock. The crowd is dressed in black, with kohl-rimmed eyed & the occasional wolf's eye contact lens or vampire fang accessory; 10, $6-$10. SUN: GODDESS: Glorya Wholesome hosts yet another party, this one celebrating "fierce feminine glamour" with performances by "New York's most fabulous showgirls" incl. Tina Sparkles, Eva Love & the hostess herself, Miss Wholesome. House & drag tunes by DJ Raymond, DJ Carter & DJ Relentless,; 11, women $10, men $15.
29 2nd Ave. (betw. 1st & 2nd Sts.), 529-4712. THURS: Drag & variety show hosted by Mo B. Dick & DJ Brenda Black; 10:30, $5.
194 Ave. A (betw. 12th & 13th Sts.), 529-4712. WEDS: MURDER: Scrounge up your finest black duds for some deathrock, punk, psychobilly & goth with DJs Charly the Slut & Mister Paul Morden at 11, open acoustic mic 7-11; free. THURS: NETWORK: Breakbeat, jungle, drum 'n bass & house pres. by Koz & Tef; 10, free. FRI: BETTY: DJ Mister Paul Morden spins swamp rock, aka garage, psychobilly, surf, punk, even some bad ol' country; 11, free. MON: HEAVY MANNERS MONDAY: DJs Marvelous Hagler & Johnny Metro spinning reggae, ska & rocksteady music; 9, free. SUN: JARRECK'S NIGHT: DJ's Skellington & Dark Angel spin goth, industrial & new wave; 9, free. TUES: NEVERMORE: DJ Dark Angel spins gothic, industrial & new wave, classic horror films screened all night; 10, free.
127 8th Ave. (16th St.), 627-1680. FRI: FREAK: Hiphop, r&b & soul classics rock the house, pres. by Blue Entertainment; 11. SAT: WILD CHILD: Dance to hiphop, funk & soul; 11, $5, women free before 11. MON: PHAB: Rob Fernandez has got the formula right. Not only is Phab the banjee boy's most important night of the week, but the hets & house lovers are getting hip to the game too, 582-PHAB for info; free until 11:30, $5. TUES: SHAME: DJ Adria spins best & worst of 80s & 90s; 8, $5.
147 W. 15th St. (betw. 6th & 7th Aves.), 560-4312. FRI: VIBE: Every Friday night resident DJs, Neal Foster, Menace & Believe spin, hosted by Trinity Productions & Steve Zacki, 732-308-1174 for info; 9, free.
187 Orchard St. (betw. Houston & Stanton Sts.), 388-1288. WEDS: SHAME: Drink specials for those leaving their self respect at the door; 9, free. THURS: SOUL CHANGO: Salsa, mambo & Brazilian tunes spun by La Loca; 9, free. SUN: GRAVY: DJ Bisquitio serves Gravy with Otter & Harmony groovin' for you; 10, free. MON: SCATALOGICS: Open turntables! Sign up for a half-hour slot, first come, first served, guest talent fills in the gaps; 9, free.
515 W. 18th St. (betw. 10th & 11th Aves.), 645-5156. WEDS: ROLLERSKATING/BLADING WEDNESDAYS: Skate to 70s Disco, bring your own or rent them here; 8, $12/$15. FRI: BIG FRIDAYS: DJ Boris spins tribal house tracks to a career-track group of heterosexual 20-somethings; 11, $20. SAT: ROXY SATURDAYS: Victor Calderone & special guests spin anesthetizing mix of hard/trance house for muscled-up gay men, Kevin Aviance hosts, Andy Anderson in the upstairs lounge; 11, $25.
249 Eldridge St. (betw. Houston & Stanton Sts.), 777-5153. Half priced drinks 7-10. WEDS: SHORTY'S LOVE LOUNGE: DJ Jazzy Nice spins from his enormous record collection-funk, hiphop, house, possibly even Turkish music; 10, free. THURS: STRAIGHT UP: There is probably no better bargain than Sapphire. DJ E-Man spins whatever he wants (but tends to stick to hiphop, house, classics & reggae) while downing multiple rounds of scotch & soda; 10, $3. FRI: VARIETY: DJ Jazzy Nice spins house & classics; 10, $5. SAT: INFINITY: DJ Seth K spins house, classics, old school, hiphop & Latin; $5. SUN: BOOM BOOM ROOM: DJ Don S. mixes deep house, old skool, reggae & classics; $.99. MON: SLEAZE FACTOR: Afterhours music at happy hour time. Deep house, breaks, tech-house & all manner of beat-based dance music with residents Adam Goldstone, Peter Anthony, DJ Brian, Ashley Warren, Rick Salzer, Darek Marin spin; 7, $5 incl. one drink.
9 Ave. A (betw. Houston & E. 2nd Sts.), 252-3242. SUN: HALLOWEEN PARTY: Spotlight Entertainment hosts "dance, drink & mingle party" with DJ Arson spinning funk, soul & disco; 8, $5, free for women before 12.
285 W. B'way (Canal St.), 941-0900. WEDS: HOME COOKIN'': Bill Spector, Mark Leventhal, Conrad & Adam Lubin host this party, 10, $10. THURS: SHAG: Shine's best party of the week feat. eclectic mix of music; 10, $20. FRI: BOOM BOOM ROOM: Alan Sanctuary's fashion-y crowd gathers for cabaret acts, music & art showcases & DJ Greg Poole's friendly mix of funk, soul, hiphop & house; 10, $10-$20. TUES: PROHIBITED BEATZ: Residents JoJo Mayer, Yoshi, Swingsett & TC Islam drop ruff beats & breaks for jungle heads, weekly guests round out the talent, 501-3930 for info; 11, $5-$7.
16 1st Ave. (betw. 1st & 2nd Sts.), 260-1549. THURS: VAMPYROS LESBOS: DJ Franc O's 60s/soundtrack/exotica/gogo party. Check out the custom chrome-plated gogo cage for the "crypt dancers", cheesy slide & video projections & enough Jess Franco clips to last a lifetime. As always, dancers Viva Knievel, Manuela & Jaiko Suzuki take to the tabletops; 11, $7. MON: David Cabo party; free, 12.
204 Varick St. (Houston St.), 243-4940. Also see "World Music." SAT: CARNIVAL! Weekly Brazilian Samba party; 2 a.m., $18.
Sound Factory
618 W. 46th St. (betw. 11th & 12th Aves.), 489-0001. POST PARADE PARTY: Celebrate the last Halloween of the century with DJ Keoki, Scotty Marz & Logic recording artist SK8; 8.
20 W. 39th St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 719-9867. THURS: MIDNIGHT TURNTABLE KNOCKERS: DJ S&S & DJ Max Glazer spin hiphop in the main room. In the Vinyl Room, Digital Konfusion pres. "Frequency," hiphop, house & more with DJs Odyssey, Joe Joe & Madness; 10, $20. FRI: SPICE FRIDAYS: Hot 97.1 DJ Cocoa Chanelle spins hiphop, reggae & r&b in the main room. Classics, reggae & house in the upstairs rooms; 10, $20. SAT: SPEED SATURDAYS: Weekend crowds pack into Speeed for hiphop, r&b & reggae on the main floor by DJs Doo Wop & Cipha Sounds. DJ Frank Delour spins classic house in the Vinyl Room & it's salsa & merengue upstairs with DJ Clear; 10, $20. SUN: SUNDAY MASS: DJs Merritt, Cleveland, O.S & Surg spin deep house, tribal & latin house, hiphop, salsa, merengue & bachata on four floors; 11, $10.
101 Greene St. (betw. Prince & Spring Sts.), 343-9000. WED: MOONRAKER WEDNESDAYS: DJs Swingsett, Jessie System, Silver & Dinky spin future dance music; 8:30, $10/free for women before 11. SUN: GOOD TIMES SUNDAYS: Eclectic mix of Hiphop, disco & classics spun by DJ Arson & Lapeau, 561-9649 for info; 10, $10-$20.
35 E. 13th St. (betw. University Pl. & B'way), 979-6677. WEDS: BEEP: Weekly party, musical format is mostly house & techno, spun by Pankaj & Stone-2-for-1 drinks 10-11; 10, free. SAT: STACKED: Popular disco night with bankers & model-chasers; 10, $5-$10. SUN: SHOUT!: Steve & Pedro host this one-year-&-going-strong 60s dance party. Guest DJs keep things; 11, free.
220 12th Ave. (27th St.), 695-4682. SAT: KURFEW TUNNEL SATURDAYS: In honor of Halloween, Tunnel hosts "Blair Witch Project" party with five demonic drag queens, prizes & "treats" for best horrific-looking drag queen; 10, $20, $15 w/invite.
205 CLUB
205 Chrystie St. (Stanton St.), 505-2543. FRI: 4U & YOURS: Eli from WKCR & DJ Al Boogie play hiphop classics; 10, $5. SUN: STEPPIN': Junglist/turntablist showcase feat. residents Vital, White Owl & Starfish; 718-398-7663 for information & slot; 9, free.
530 W. 27th St. (betw. 10th & 11th Aves.), 268-1600 or FRI: Consistently bringing in Twilo's biggest & most diverse crowds with their trancey, soulful & electronica-house music; 11, $10-$25. SAT: JUNIORVERSE: Junior Vasquez who doesn't go on until 3 a.m., at the earliest, stretches his night well into Sunday's the return of the 6 a.m.-noon party session; 11, $20-$25. SUN: Late-night party with DJs Jimmy Van M. (11-1), Scott Henry (1-3), David Seaman (3-5) & Quivver (5-close); 11.
208 W. 23rd St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 929-8900 or FRI: 4play 4ridays: Dance party catering to young gay men & woman-guest DJs each week; E-mail your musical requsts to; 10, $10-$20.
2 I's
248 W. 14th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 807-1775. THURS: BREAKIN' GROUND: Justin Johnson, Lord V., Jaesun, Swingsett & Yoshi spin; 10, $10. SAT: LOVELY: Promoters Lorie, E-Man & Lola join Soraya in hosting a mixed crowd eager to dance to hiphop, reggae, funk & deep house. DJs Qool Marv, Spinna, Cosi & Mighty Mi keep the upstairs dancefloor pumping with a mix of hiphop, reggae & classics. DJ E-Man resurrects the dark & cozy "Chameleon Lounge," with mix of funk, soul, deep house, Latin & classics; 560-4312 or for info; 10, women free before 11, $10-$15.
28 E. 23rd St. (betw. B'way & Park Ave. S.), 254-6117. WEDS: PASSPORT PARTY: Vancouver's DJ John & Manchester's Mark spin tunes to get the sexy foreigners dancin'; 10, $5 foreigners, $10 curious Americans. THURS: PHYSICS: Weekly drum 'n' bass party hosted by Mathematics crew. Residents DB, Dara, Blueline & Roy Dank, with emcee Jonny Z hold it down for weekly guests, 946-1998 for info; 11, $5-$10. FRI: VANITY FRIDAYS: DJs Arson & Goldfinger spin hiphop & house in the Soul Lounge while DJ Nomad spins disco, pop & Latin in the Velvet Lounge; 10, $10-15/Women free before midnight. SAT: FREAKY: Two floors of bangin' music with residents Danny Buddha Morales, Benji Candllario, Oscar Poche, Juan Coon from WBLS & DJ Phenix; 10, $10, $7 w/invite. TUES: LATINO CAFE: After-work party featuring salsa, merengue & worldbeat; 5-10, free. SUPER FUNK: Deep house for an industry crowd, feat. weekly guests; 10, $10.
223 Mulberry St. (betw. Prince & Spring Sts.), 946-1908. FRI: LA CHAZA: Friday stop-over for a little of everything-bossa nova, drum 'n' bass, rare groove, hosted by Monica Pineda-over Cosmos in Velvet's upstairs lounge, 946-1908 for DJ lineup & info; 10, free.
12 Spring St. (Elizabeth St.), 633-6513. WEDS: TANKED: Scuba hosts & spins new party with JMZ, Joel T. & Robb Hart rounding out the hard-edged, electronic dance sounds being spun at; 10, free.
6 Hubert St. (betw. Hudson & Greenwich Sts.), 343-1379. WEDS: SUNSET RITUAL: "Little Louie" returns for another Dance Ritual party, playing soul, & funky jazz beats; 7, $10-$12. FRI: BE YOURSELF: Danny Tenaglia spins at 11. SAT: SHELTER: An evening of rejoice. SUN: BODY & SOUL: Deep/tribal house party. Joe Claussel, Francois Kevorkian & Danny Krivit spin, 330-9169 for info; 3-10, $15.
143 Madison Ave. (betw. 31st & 32nd Sts.), 545-0722. SAT: CULTURE SHOCK SATURDAYS: Spotlight Entertainment's newest jam features Mark King spinning house, Geo on the hiphop/r&b tip & DJ Johnny Z. A sophisticate crowd gathers for flirting, drinking & the occasional spin on the dancefloor, 802-7455 for info; 11, $10-$20.
16 Mercer St. (Howard St.), 941-6492. Also see "Film & Video." THURS: NULL: An appropriate venue for techno & other electronic sounds: a dark bar on one end of the room, a giant video monitor (used to screen rare films & quirky art stuff) on the other. The patrons are bathed in a blue, Trinitronic cast as they nod their heads to guest selectors; 10:30, free. TUES: BASE: Ambient groove, electronica & drum 'n' bass by guest selectors; 10:30, free.
125 E. 11th St. (betw. 3rd & 4th Aves.), 353-1600. FRI: NETPARTY: After-work party for the upwardly mobile. Jeans & sneakers not allowed, business attire requested; 6, $10. SUN: ROCK 'N' ROLL SUNDAYS: Get your "rocks off" every week with DJ Chrissy & Georgie Seville; 10, $20, $10 w/invite.

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