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Wolf Parade frontman Spencer Krug could be resting on his laurels. That bandís latest album, At Mount Zoomer, has become one of the yearís most-played records, and his warbling vocals seem to be slithering out of the speakers at every rooftop barbecue in town. But instead of taking it easy, Krug is back on the road with another band, the melodic Sunset Rubdown. With two New York shows in the coming week, Krug took time off from rehearsals in Montreal to talk about live music, the jocks at shows and what the future holds. His speaking voice was similar to the one he sings in, so sometimes I had to strain to hear him. For fans, though, listening closely to Krug is definitely worthwhile.

NY Press: Are you excited to play New York?

Spencer Krug: New York still scares me. Iím not sure whyóeveryone is always totally cool. You hear that the crowds donít dance or whatever. Every city is different. The West Coast audiences are much rowdier than in New York, they crowd surf and mosh. I try to stop them. Itís not like were playing angry music.

Were they jocks? There seem to be a lot of those at rock shows these days.

SK: I donít know if they are jocks. I donít care what people look likeóIím too old to make an assessment of what anyone in their early 20s is like based on what they are wearing. [Hesitates] They look like the type of kids that would beat the shit out of me in high school. I actually have a funny SR story about touring in TexasÖUm, it doesnít matter.

No, go ahead.

SK: Well, there was a stereotypical redneck heckling the band, yelling at us, calling us faggots and stuff, but I guess he wound up getting his ass kicked. His friends were mad at him for being an asshole, so they took him into the bathroom and talked to him Texas style.

What were you like in high school?

SK: Not Cool. I was a stereotypical skater.

You mean you werenít popular?

SK: Definitely not, but I had a sister who was two years older than me, and she didnít want me to listen to shit. She gave me cool mix tapes with The Sugarcubes and Violent Femmes. Do you know those bands?

Sure! Did you listen to a lot of punk and hardcore?

SK: I was only into the aesthetics of punk. I liked Operation Ivy and DOA.

What about early NY punk, like the Dolls?

SK: Oh, Iíll probably be getting into them soon. Iím working my way backward.

Whatís next for you?

SK: I want to try out as much of my new stuff as possible on this tour because weíll be recording a new LP in the fall. Iíve got a solo project coming out too, which is mostly recorded already. Iím going to start spending bigger chunks of time with each of my bands.

How will that work?

SK: Itíll be the same juggling act it always was. Sunset Rubdown has its own fan base now. At first they were just curious Wolf Parade fans, but their reaction was mixed.

Whatís the difference between the two set of fans now?

SK: Sunset Rubdown fans are a little older and more laid back.

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