Samurai Sword Makes Bad Christmas Present

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In case you can’t come up with one, here’s a good reason not to give your loved one a weapon for Christmas: [A Bronx woman, Erica Torres, 22, used her shiny new samurai sword to attack her mother, Sylvia Pantoja], yesterday. Apparently, Pantoja was trying to stop her two daughters from fighting over a pack of cigs. The sword was a gift from Torres’ boyfriend (aw, so romantic). The New York Daily News got this fine quote from Torres’ 14-year-old sister, Jasmin Cabrera: “She just went lunatic on everybody … She was up until two saying she was going to kill everybody. Then she took the sword and went wild.” Perhaps, Torres’ threats should have been a hint to Cabrera that trying to take her cigarettes was a bad idea. But Cabrera probably ignored her sister’s crazy rant, thinking it was just traditional post-Christmas stress. Luckily, Pantoja managed to lock Torres in the closet and call the police before she got too hurt. She will definitely not be getting Torres samurai sword lessons for her birthday.

Photo courtesy of [Librarian Avenger on Flickr]

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