Saw IV Headlines Weekend

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For all of you sick moviegoers into “torture porn,” get ready to come in your pants: Saw IV, the latest sequel in the ultra-violent Saw film series, [hits theaters] tonight at midnight. Jigsaw, the serial killer and protagonist who died in Saw III, will somehow wreak havoc from the grave in the newest installment, providing bloodshed, screams, tears and entertainment for all of you violence perverts who enjoy this shit.

Saw IV is expected to dominate a slow weekend at the boxoffice, with its only competition coming from Dan in Real Life—a much less hyped comedy starring Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche. But just in case one more night of torture isn’t enough to satiate fans’ sick obsession, producers have already confirmed that Saw V and Saw VI are [in the works] and they’re scheduled to be released Halloween 2009 and 2010.

Tobin Bell, the actor who plays the supposedly deceased Jigsaw, has already signed on for both those films, which casts some serious doubt on whether or not he’s actually dead. For those of you who don’t recognize Bell’s name, you may remember him as [Peter Kingsley] in the second season of the TV series 24, a corrupt businessman who tries to start World War III. To recap: He’s a neo-Adolph Hitler by day and a psychotic, bloodthirsty serial killer by night. What a guy.

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