School Bus Madness Wreaks Havoc Across The City

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This morning, the Department of Education put its [new bus program into place], effectively ending service for hundreds of children across the city and creating a general commuting nightmare in just about every single school. Not only does the plan put children as young as five years old on regular city buses, but it was enacted with just a few days worth of notice, leaving parents to scramble to find transportation for their children to school this morning.

Brooklyn State Senator Carl Kruger (pictured) and other elected officials across the city are calling on Mayor Bloomberg to end the madness and restore the old bus routes. Saving a few bucks is not worth all this hassle, said Kruger.

"To institute these changes mid-year, leaving working families with no reasonable option for getting their children to and from school, is unbelievable enough. Expecting young children to travel to school via public transportation is beyond our wildest expectations and violates every logical safety guideline imaginable," said Kruger.

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