School Bus Routes Got You Down? Cheer Up, A Perv Could Have Your Child's Address

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[A City Council hearing tomorrow] will give parents the chance to ream out education officials regarding the city’s 100-plus school bus routes that were consolidated last month in an effort to cut costs.

But sending your 5-year-old off to the subway each morning is just the beginning of parents’ problems. It seems the city Department of Education hired temps from three separate agencies to handle parent concerns about their pride and joys’ commutes and were [given access to sensitive student information]. Even worse, these guys were never fingerprinted or subjected to a background check at all. The operators for the pupil-transportation hot line were able to retrieve home addresses, birth dates, schools, bus stops and pickup and drop-off times for nearly 100,000 public and parochial students. The NY Post credits, well, themselves with remedying this lapse in judgment because it seems their inquiries have led department spokeswoman Marge Feinberg to announce that the temps will now indeed be fingerprinted—so that should they prove to be a parent’s worse nightmare, we can track their asses down. No word yet regarding background checks, so that we might prevent catastrophe before it ensues.

Photo courtesy of [S Baker on Flickr]

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