Schools Ban Cells, Now What?

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School officials in New York are in a quandary over what to do with all the cell phones students arenít allowed to bring to class. Ahhhh! Perhaps they should have thought about that before [the nationís largest school system decided to ban the mobile phone]. Options include special lockers built outside the building for cell phone storage. Thatís seems like it just might work. According to The Associated Press, schools have confiscated thousands of cell phones that students have attempted to smuggle in their lunches and under their clothing since the ban was instated. Iím surprised nobodyís considered putting the device in a balloon and swallowing it. Then, even if your teacher hears it ring, s/he probably wonít attempt to confiscate it, lest you bring him/her up on sexual harassment charges.

Photo by [Malingering on Flickr]

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