Score! Free Tix For The Untouched

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Here’s a little something for all you virgins out there that’ll make you say, “Sex who?” Free tickets! [My First Time] owes a big Thank You to [New York magazine]( for finding the last urban virgins, ’cause without them, this publicity stunt would just be…stupid. The folks behind this off-Broadway show are giving away [free tickets]( to anyone who can prove they have yet to pop someone’s cherry or be popped themselves. Don’t rush to get a last minute appointment with your gynecologists, ladies; and men don’t do whatever it is that you do. Your chastity will be proven, or disproven, by a [hypnotist](

Producer Ken Davenport, 34, could not say exactly [how many actual virgins] will get in for free (no pun intended). “There are a limited number of ‘virgin tickets’ available,” he said. “However, there are not that many virgins in New York City.” But you’d be surprised how many people will come clean when free theatre tix are on the line.

We wonder if the born-again variety counts. If not, tickets run $25 to $59.

Photo courtesy of [Cyron on Flickr]

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