From football stars to gymnastic phenoms, the outrageously talented tots of Downtown By [Beth Mellow] Downtown New York City, with its matrix of trendy neighborhoods, is no stranger to celebrity sightings. You don't have to stray too far into Soho or Tribeca to stumble upon a well-known actress, a venerated singer or a titan of business. But along these avenues, streets and alleys can also be found a different kind of notable: a top-performing gymnast, a football player consistently covered by the New York Post, a Juilliard-trained musician, an award-winning video game designer and a singer/thespian who has appeared on Lifetime and ABC Family?none of whom have graduated from high school yet. These are the remarkable talented tweens and teens who work or study below 14th Street. They are defined not only by their prodigy-like skills but by an intense drive to succeed in their chosen fields. As Dr. Susan O'Doherty, a New York-based psychologist who works with artists, explains, young phenoms possess certain characteristics: "A kid can be gifted and lazy or gifted and driven. For some, the dream is just that, while others pursue it aggressively." These youngsters are pursuing their dream with vigor. For all articles, please go to: [The Juilliard Virtuoso, Lydia van der Swaagh ](http://nypress.com2011/11/searching-downtown-prodigies-juilliard-virtuoso-lydia-van-der-swaagh/) [The Turning Point for Jesse Manning](http://nypress.com2011/11/searching-downtown-prodigies-turning-point-jesse-manning/) [Searching for Downtown Prodigies: The Talented Ms. Filsoof](http://nypress.com2011/11/searching-downtown-prodigies-talented-ms-filsoof/) [The New, Fresh Face of Gaming](http://nypress.com2011/11/searching-downtown-prodigies-new-fresh-face-gaming/) [William Solomon is a Lion on the Field ](http://nypress.com2011/11/william-solomon-lion-field/) [A 12-Year-Old Future Olympian](http://nypress.com2011/11/searching-downtown-prodigies-12-year-old-future-olympian/) ------
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