Sen. Klein Says Give Iffy Eateries An "F"

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In a news conference held in front of Café La Fonduta yesterday, Sen. Jeff Klein (D-Bronx) revealed the [city's top 10 dirtiest restaurants], which, yes, include Café La Fonduta. But aside from these places to avoid, Klein announced he will be introducing legislation that would [grade restaurants A through F]( according to cleanliness, and that restaurants would be required to display these report cards in their front windows. Klein said his office looked at 700 restaurants and discovered [56-percent of them failed inspections]( due to [pest violations]( The city Health Department says it will consider the proposal, but that its current scoring system is more detailed. Ah yes, but how much simpler a reversion to elementary school grading would be! Intimidated by the current complicated state of restaurant evaluations? Try staying in and having a nice home cooked meal for a change. But before you head out for groceries, [here](’s Klein’s list of NYC’s dirtiest supermarkets, aptly called “The Dirty Dozen.”

Photo courtesy of [IRRI Images on Flickr]

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