Shack Shake Gets Shook Up

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The summer days are getting shorter, and along with them so are the milkshakes at the famous Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.  I noticed this one day after singing the burger joint’s praises to an out of town guest. After describing what I deemed to be one of the best milkshakes around, we headed over to stuff our bellies.  When my order came up, I was surprised to see a short, squat cup of—what is that—thick milk?

 With one sip I cried “FOUL!” and swore the black and white shake was usually larger, thicker, and more flavorful.  My friend just shook his head, disappointed in my lunch selection. Shake Shack had been so popular since its opening in 2004 that the line often took 30 minutes or more to get through.  It was usually worth the dedication, too.  “Please,” I thought to myself, “Don’t let this be the end of a fine shake.”

While Shake Shack’s rep said my last two liquidly shakes were a fluke (the recipe is the same) she did confirm the changing of the size, which occurred two weeks ago.  Apparently people have, “Requested a smaller option.”  Smaller—my milkshake? No thank you. Alas, they have changed from 20 ounces to 16 ounces.  But don’t worry; the price has been reduced by 25 cents. Personally, I wouldn’t mind going back the golden age of the 24-ounce shake. If I am going to indulge in  lactose-filled, chocolaty goodness, I really want to soak in it.

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