Shoot the Messenger Offers Hope of Another Season for 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Fans, and Plenty of Susie Essman for Everyone

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It should go without saying that Lizz Winstead creates parody with the skill and precision of an ice sculptor. She was the co-creator of The Daily Show, after all.

In her weekly show, [Shoot the Messenger presents Wake Up the World with Hope and Davis], Lizz skewers the myriad ways morning talk shows demonstrate their uselessness and overuse of teeth whiteners, via live sketches and video, along with a wide and varied cast, including Lucas Held and his incandescent Tucker Carlson .

After the morning show wraps up, a guest joins Lizz for some off the cuff back and forth, ala The View. Last night’s guest was Susie “FUCK YOU LARRY DAVID YOU FOUR-EYED FUCK” Essman graced the couch and provided some warm sentimental commentary on raising four teenage daughters.

“My daughters act like I’m a fucking idiot because I don’t know who Fergie is. It’s like honey, my first concert was The Fucking Who, and your first concert was Hannah Montana!”

Ms. Essman also provided some insight on her caustic on-screen relationship with Larry David and on playing a character that feels entitled to perpetual anger.

“The guy just loves to be yelled at. He especially loves it when I use alliteration, like Four-Eyed Fuck.”

When Lizz opened the floor up to questions from the audience, the first question was pleasantly predictable.

“Can we expect another season of Curb?”

Ah, the eternal question.

While Susie said that Larry has mentioned that Season 6 will most likely be the last, Susie provided fans with a small glimmer of hope, quipping that a gossip column snipe that his estranged wife’s career is getting bigger than his might inspire enough spite for a 7th season. Is that a hint, Susie?

“I really don’t know what’s going to happen, though,” she shrugged.

After the show, I hung out with Lizz in her kitchen as she hovered over a plate of sundry cheeses before reacting to the observation that her charisma has mobilized a team of enthusiastic writers and actors to produce the show as a volunteer, DIY effort. Like if Ian Mackaye actually had a sense of humor.

“Or D. Boon” she quipped before popping a piece of brie into her mouth.

Go on, girl.

Shoot the Messenger is every Monday at the [Green Room Theater.]

Photo courtesy of [Mindy Tucker from].

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