Should New York State Legislators Get a Raise (of Over $20k)?

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One of the more controversial proposals being floated in Albany is the idea of giving all 212 (soon to be 213) lawmakers in the Senate and Assembly a pay raise. The New York Post's Fred Dicker[ reported the amount]( of a potential raise as $100,000, a substantial jump from the lawmakers' current base salary of $79,500. While the Governor has said there is no deal on a pay raise, even a slight whiff of the possibility that there could be one stirs up controversy, based in part on the idea thatlawmakers shouldn't increase their own salaries during the nationwide recession. The opposition isn't necessarily rooted in the actual costs of the proposed increase. So how much would it cost? The state's total budget this year was $132.5 billion and lawmakers' salaries cost $19.7 million, afigure that includes their leadership stipends, also known as "lulus" (listed below). A hypothetical pay raise to $100,000 for 212 lawmakers plus an additional senator would add $4,446,000 every year to the state's budget. It's notsomuch in the grand scheme of a $132.5 billion budget, but as Hank Sheinkopf[told the Times-Union](, "It's not generally a good idea to do in an election year and a recession. No good can come from it," Sheinkopfsaid. To read the full article at City & State [click here. ](

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