Si*se at Governor’s Island

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Though the scenic ferry ride to Governor's Island was less than five minutes long, Si*se's music transported fans to a delightful soundscape of Latin rhythms, soul and urban flavor, set to dance-friendly beats. Vocalist Carol C. set the tone for the bandís performance when she stepped onstage and kicked off her sandals before launching into their songs. Informal, cozy and inviting, the show was a perfect sunny Saturday afternoon experience, much like hanging out in a living room amongst friends, only outdoors in a park with grass carpeting.

A diverse picnic crowd of all ages were treated to sophisticated, fluid vocals that easily transitioned from English to Spanish verses, strengthened by a texture of programmed beats, live percussion and exotic instruments, including beautiful viola arrangements. While the crowd was initially reserved, subtly swaying to the intoxicating tunes, Carol C.'s down-to-earth mannerisms and playful request for people to move closer to the stage got folks shimmying, especially during the crowd pleaser, "More Shine." A glimse of a charming, white-haired couple ballroom dancing on the sidewalk, complete with spins and dips, was further evidence of Si*seís magic that day.

Photo by Peter Philips

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