Slaughtering Albany's Pigs

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Though its influence is waning as New York gets more and more Democratic, the State Conservative Party does have public opinion on its side when it comes to the elimination of member item funding, a.k.a. "pork." In a letter to Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer sent today, party chairman Michael Long has outlined an entire reform agenda that he hopes Spitzer would enact, with pork reform right at the top of list.

"Governor Spitzer, you based your campaign on the fact that change begins on day one, you promised New Yorkers that things would be different in your administration. We firmly agree that change is necessary and we strongly urge you to support the end of 'member items.' For far too long, corruption has been the downfall of the once hallowed halls in Albany; the practice of'member items' has been a leading cause of corruption and increased taxes on all New Yorkers to pay for legislative handouts," stated Long in his letter.

Does Spitzer have any reason to listen to his nearly marginalized opponents on this or any other issue? Given the way some in his own party[have been abusing the pork barrel](/19/51/news&columns/JohnDeSio.cfm), this might be a good time to extend a hand in a showy display of bipartisanship.

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