Soda Companies Combat Bloomberg's Soda Ban

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New New Yorkers of Beverages Choice made to promote soft drink freedom

It was welcomed by many New Yorkers when it wasbrought to our attention in May, but Mayor Bloomberg's plan to restrict the purveyance of 16 oz. sodas has, with no surprise, angered soda companies, movie theaters, and restaurants.

Major companies like Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola, in conjunction with many stores in the New York area created the New Yorkers for Beverages Choice to combat the mayor's latest efforts, and has a large following.

The coalition, according to its site, is comprised of 434 members, and has 12784 supportive petitioners.

Sponsored by the American Beverage Association, the coalition released a series of television and radio ads emphasizing a New Yorker's right to choice.

"This is New York City. No one tells us what neighborhood to live in, what team to live in, or what deli to eat at," the television ad begins. "So are we going to let our mayor tell us what size beverage to buy?"

"This is about protecting our freedom of choice."

"It's unbelievable, once again (the mayor) is telling us what we can and can't have," the radio ad echoes.

"I'm perfectly capable of choosing what size beverage to get."

The sentiment isn't alone, either.

Councilwoman Letitia James is also against the ban.

"After talking with business owners and residents? I believe the ban would be arbitrarily and unfairly applied," James said, according to the Prospect Heights Patch.

James says that the city should combat obesity with parks, not bans.

The New York City Board of Health, whose members are appointed by the mayor, will vote on the ban on July 24, which could go into effect in March 2013.

--Nick Gallinelli

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