TheNew York Times' consensus-manufacturing machine is gearing up for the2000 presidential race, and with mixed results. First there was Kevin Sack'slong May 8 story about George W. Bush's business dealings-an inconclusivepiece that served only to highlight the extent to which Bush possesses the samefaults that other unimaginative sons of mind boggling privilege do. More tothe point was the long June 7 piece detailing the fratboy Governor's supportfor the repellent and undemocratic business of "tort reform," an issuethat, if there were any justice, would be enough to sink any Republican candidateon its own.
And then,on June 7, there was the Times' attempt to implicate Florida Gov. JebBush, and by extension his Texan brother, in the politically destructive messthat the anti-affirmative action movement generates-and that ambitious Republicanslike George W. do their crafty best to avoid.