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The Show Must Go On, for Danford Adams By Alicia Bynum New York can be fast-paced and brutal, but those who work at Madison Square Garden know they have a friend they can turn to in Danford Adams, a cleaner at the famous arena. Among his co-workers, Adams is known for having a friendly ear. "People look for me when they seek advice," Adams said. He has spent 12 years working at Madison Square Garden, where he has cleaned up after eager fans of live concerts and a plethora of other events that take place there. It's a job that he takes pride in. Adams grew up in a family of six children in Brooklyn and had to overcome several challenges to help provide for his family. "Hard work and determination is how I chose to live my life," Adams said. Previously, he worked at KeySpan Park as a part-time restroom attendant, but when it came time to help put his daughter Michelle through college, he knew that he would need another job. With the help of a friend, he put in an application at Madison Square Garden, went for an interview and was hired. He said that his formula for success is a simple one: He shows up on time every day and is respectful to the customers and the other people he works with. When he's not at work, Adams' second passion in life is automobiles. He spends any opportunity he gets working on cars, having had a natural curiosity about automobiles as far back as his teenage years. He said that tinkering on cars is a good way to relax. Whenever there is a car show in the city, he is always present. His other hobbies include hanging out with friends and playing the occasional game of chess. Being a stadium cleaner is a hectic life, he said, but "there is no other place I would rather be working." Madison Square Garden hosts 320 events a year, and Adams has pretty much seen it all. Whether it's a concert, basketball game, hockey game, rodeo or dog show, he gets to interact with fascinating people and also his co-workers, whom he considers part of the family.

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