State Cheats Spa-Goers w/ Lame Baths

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Saratoga Springs, N.Y.—famous for horse racing, Skidmore College and mineral water baths. Or is it? Well, it would seem not so much—at least the bit about the mineral water, more like just plain old baths. Saratoga Spa State Park has been surreptitiously mixing standard [chlorinated drinking water] into their famed [pure natural mineral-spring baths](! The luxury usually goes for $20 a pop, which would be quite a deal for a tub full o’ Poland Springs and the like, but is pretty much a rip off when you consider you can bathe in regular old tap water for free. And what’s worse, what The Post calls a “massive deception” has gone on for years because the state didn't repair broken mineral-water heaters.

From The Post: “Instead, the state and the leasing agent that operates the baths, Xanterra Parks & Resorts, opted to secretly mix heated Saratoga Springs chlorinated public drinking water with the naturally cold, highly carbonated mineral waters that come from more than 1,000 feet below ground, interviews and records show.”

The chief complaint, aside from the horrendous breach of trust, is that the diluted mineral water is [devoid of bubbles]—and everyone knows, you’re paying for the bubbles.

Photo courtesy of [corimorenberg on Flickr

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