One Wedding & A Funeral
First thewedding, and a very pretty one it was. Princess Alexia of Greece, 33, the eldestchild of ex-King Constantine of the Hellenes and Queen Anne Marie, married CarlosMorales Quintana, 28, a Spaniard and a commoner. The wedding took place lastFriday in London, and every crowned head of Europe-and just as many uncrownedones-turned up in their finest. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Prince Charleswithout Camilla, King Juan Carlos of Spain and Queen Sophia, the King of Sweden,the Queen of Denmark, the King and Queen of Norway, the Queen of Holland...There hasn't been such a gathering of royals since 1995, for yet another Greekroyal wedding, that of Greek Crown Prince Pavlos to New Yorker Marie-Chantal Miller, daughter of Robert Miller of duty-free fame.