Strahan Speaks Out

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New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan is many things, but according to him, hes no Rod Tidwell or Jerry Maguire ([Show me the Money]!). After nearly two weeks of silence since informing the Giants he was considering retirement, [Strahan spoke out]( this weekend to refute reports that claimed hed been holding out [for monetary reasons](

Whats been most disappointing has been all of this nonsense that Im holding out for more money, Strahan said in a released statement. The truth is that football has been very good to me and I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by advisors who have ensured my family and I will live comfortably for the rest of my life. You deserve to know what's really going on. My agent met with the Giants earlier in the year and discussed many things, including my contract. Money is not the reason that I have not reported to training camp and it will not be a factor for my return. This has already been communicated to the Giants, and while the reports may indicate a hard line taken by the team regarding money, it is not necessary as this issue has been decided well before July.

I have to face my mortality like anyone else. When an athlete like myself who does what I do for a living starts having doubts, then its time to take a step back and seriously consider my future. Anyone who played in the NFL with doubts or second guessing is not only putting themselves at risk, but their teammates also. I will never do that.

Strahan is scheduled to make $4 million this season and has not asked for an adjustment in his contract. If hes as financially well off as he claims, however, he should be able to afford braces to fix that gap between his front teeth. Yet after 14 years in the NFL, that chasm between his pearly whites still remains. Intriguing

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