Stuy Town Throws Shade on Sunbathers

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Gothamist reported last week that some residents of Stuy Town aren't pleased with what the sunny weather has turned out on their communal lawns. The Stuyvesant Town Report blog recently asked its residents: "When is a playground not a playground?" and answered itself: "When it's being used by our college/university student population for sunbathing. Playground 10 was almost half taken yesterday with sunbathers, effectively pushing out the kids who wanted access to that playground."

The post goes on to call the sunbathers "self-entitled yahoos" who "look very stupid indeed" and chastised them for crowding the playground and the area around the fountain with their exposed skin. Finally, an impassioned plea came for the sake of the little ones.

"It's time for management to make sure Playground 10 is for playing, not for sunbathing. And please, management, show some balls and don't wait to enforce this once the Oval Lawn is open for sunbathing. Think of the children!"

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