Subway Apathy

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Listen up New York. We are about to collectively cede the right to complain about the subway system.  The MTA has been conducting a [subway rider’s poll], and NY 1 has been [dutifully reporting]( the results of the poll.  At last, here's an opportunity to sound off on our overcrowded, under-funded  mass transit system. Yet, so far, all of the individual reports have come in with grades of C or C-minus.


Come on people, take a stand! Tell the City that the subway is great because it's fast and cheap and more reliable than any other transit option.  Or tell the MTA to get its act together because the subway is overcrowded, boiling hot and makes you question whether or not “soap” is an invention of your dreams. Whatever you think, please remove the fence wedged between your cheeks and voice an opinion.

Cs are for suburbanites. Cs are for sun addled Californians.  In NYC, we are supposed have real, strong opinions about the institutions that shape our lives.

And I don’t want to hear people with basic high school math skills that surpass my own tell me that when half the people vote "A" and the other half vote "F" then the average result is C. If the 4 Train riders can’t come to a general consensus on their shared experience, then they all fail the test of paying attention to what’s going down about them.

Here's your chance to tell the MTA which lines are good and which lines are inhumane. If all we can come up with is “whatever,” then I don’t see how we can credibly carp about being shoved off the rush hour 7 Train again. Subway riders unite!

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