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to the editor:

this fall, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to strengthen our criminal justice system. that's why i am supporting richard aborn for manhattan district attorney on sept. 15 (primary profiles, july 30).

no one will be tougher than richard aborn in fighting violent crime. with decades of experience as a prosecutor, defense attorney, advocate and policy expert, richard understands the full scope of the criminal justice system. richard will prevent crime from happening by getting guns off our streets and enforcing the laws fairly and efficiently, sending a message that no one is above the law. richard enjoys wide-ranging support from the lexington democratic club to former police commissioner william bratton. in addition, richard has earned support from 17 of the 22 elected officials to endorse in the race because of his outstanding record on the issues. having lead the fight against the nra to win passage of the brady bill, richard is outspoken about innovative ways to prevent crime, like preventstat, a program he devised that uses the latest mapping and data technology to measure the success of crime prevention initiatives. similarly, the nypd's compstat, which uses the same data collection methods, was substantially related to the reduction in crime in new york during the 1990s.

richard has proven his depth of conviction as a crime fighter and is the best candidate to ensure the safety of the citizens of manhattan. sept. 15 is the democratic primary.

jonathan bing

assembly member

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