Suspect in NYU Murder

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Police have a suspect, a possible cause of death and a possible motive for the murder of 20-year-old [Boitumelo “Tumi” McCallum], the daughter of two NYU professors who lived with her mother in a 4 Washington Square Village apartment where police discovered her body on Sunday night. Though an autopsy results were inconclusive, police reported that the condition of her body when it was discovered suggested [blunt force trauma]( to the head. McCallum moved to New York from her native South Africa with her parents when she was very young, and grew up in Manhattan.

Some news reports describe her as an intelligent and free-spirited girl who studied ballet from a very young age. McCallum attended attended the Beacon School, a selective public school in New York, and Mills College in California for two semesters. She did not return to Mills after finishing her second semester in the spring of 2006.

According to neighbors, McCallum threw a party in the apartment on Wednesday night, which is when she was last seen. Police are looking for her boyfriend, who is known to be [jealous and possessive, and has a criminal record that includes assault].

New York Post wastes no time in quoting one of her two [MySpace]( ) profiles to portray the victim as a bimbo. They also spell her first name incorrectly. According to the Post, “investigators believe” that because McCallum didn’t invite him to the party he confronted her the next day and killed her.

McCallum’s mother was on a study trip in South Africa when police discovered her body. Her father lives in Harlem.

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