Sweet Sixteen Bank Robber

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[A 16-year-old bank robber has been arraigned and is being held on $5,000 bail]. The girl says that two armed men forced her to rob two New York banks on Friday (and the worst part is, she must have missed the pep rally!). The girlís attorney further explained that the men pulled a knife on her and forced her to pass a note to the bank teller (it mustíve said, ďI think Jared is sooo cute.Ē) Further, her lawyer claims that the men threatened to kill her family if she didnít comply. But police arenít buying it. They allege that the girl tried to rob the first bank but didnít succeed so she tried a second one five minutes later, this time making off with $3,000 (just enough to keep her in Uggs and iPods.) Witnesses say the girl handed the cash to a man who ran in the other direction. Prosecutors say that they have a signed confession from the girl, who faces more than eight years in prison if convicted. I could make another tweeny comment here, but I think you get the point.

Photo courtesy of [Yomanimus on Flickr]

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