Sweet Tooth Paradise

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By Laura Shanahan Sweets for the sweet ? especially since it is/was Valentine's Day, or Valentine's Week. Like we need a reason to sugar up-right? (Cue maniacal laughter.) Well, whether it's to get a last-minute or belated holiday gift, or it's because nothing less than swigging a nearly 8-pound jug of Hershey's chocolate syrup will satisfy your sugar cravings, you can hardly do better than to visit It'Sugar (yup, that's how it's spelled; nothing I can do about it). Call it a "lifestyle store," call it a "museum of nonsense" (as staffers described it to us during its summer debut), this candy-and-more store, at 1870 Broadway, near 61st, will make you happy-even if you're on a sugar-free diet. How's that? Um, see the above quoted descriptions, please. Betwixt and between the nearly 8-pound jugs of Hershey's syrup ($19.99), 1.5-lb. boxes of Laffy Taffy ($17.99) and $3.49 per quarter-pound gummies and sours, there is such as Mr. Lee and the Desk Bunny. Mr. Lee, who stands approximately 5 inches tall, houses a portable pair of chopsticks. Pull on his legs and-don't worry, they're supposed to come loose-they form black perfectly functioning 'sticks. Done using them? Clean and reinsert 'sticks, and Mr. Lee, who's made entirely of glossy plastic, is ready to stand at attention on your desk or tabletop in his traditionally styled Asian suit, complete with mandarin collar and toggle closures, until called into further service; $14.50. The Desk Bunny, which appears to be made of pale-pink porcelain, though is almost certainly resin, also sits desktop, waiting to serve. One version has a pair of pink-handled scissors stored in a space behind the bunny, whose paw-held carrot is magnetized on top to hold paper clips ($27.50); another model dispenses tape ($24.50). Nearly exceeding legal limits for cuteness are the poly-satin throw pillows that each feature a different New Direction boy-band singer. Teen-dream Harry Styles-is this boy a hair-delivery system or what? I mean, have you ever seen a more profuse tumble of waves and whorls, dips and flips, rolls and ringlets? His lushly lashed eyes and sweetly smiling lips aren't too shabby, either. Make some tween, teen-or perhaps yourself-very happy with one of these $14.99 items. If you're lucky, ND's hit What Makes You Beautiful will also burst from the store's sound system while you're perusing these and other (yes, there are more!) band-related items. I admit I did a discreet head bounce or two, and then pretended I was doing something else. More sweet calorie-free choices include the Jolly Rancher lip balm in "mega flavor" cherry; a .32-oz tube goes for $3.99. You will please, as per the instructions, neither eat this cosmetic, nor will you apply near your eye area. Also, don't iron your clothes while wearing them, or use a hair dryer while you are sleeping. OK, the last two warnings are really not on this product's packaging; however, they are actual warnings that are on actual appliances, so I thought it hilarious, er, I mean, prudent to add them. Remember rock candy, made of sugar crystals? Here's a guilt-free version: silvery chain necklaces that dangle sparkly pendants that look exactly like brilliantly colored versions of the old-time treat; $2.99. Going back to that huge jug of chocolate syrup-yes, I'm obsessed with it-the label has a "pump" offer for dispensing the stuff; what, no IV options?

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