Taken for a Ride

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Two men gave a French tourist a car ride and stole his money. At 4:15 PM on Saturday, July 27, a 52-year-old male tourist from Marseille, France had drinks in some downtown bars and was offered a car ride back to his hotel by two men in their early twenties. The driver of the car stopped the vehicle on Fifth Avenue, possibly between 69th and 70th Streets; the tourist was inebriated and couldn't be sure of exact events or locations. The Frenchman was riding in the front passenger seat while the second young man sat behind him in the rear passenger-side seat. The man in back then held the tourist's arms as the driver removed his cell phone, credit card, and $2,000 in cash from the Frenchman's front pants pockets. Fortunately the man from Marseille suffered no injuries and exited the car. Police searched the area but were unable to find the two bad Samaritans. Sacré bleu!

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