Taxidermy, Brooklyn-Style

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Has art been lost to the machines? Digital photography, Pro-Tools, CGI, Photoshop: Computer art has taken over, friends. But wait, there’s hope. Artists eager to reconnect with their roots are slowly putting down the mouse and returning to tangible methods and organic materials to represent what they see—taxidermy is back. The Great Autumnal Taxidermy Get-Together is your Halloween alternative with a taxidermy master class offered by the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists. Join in an instructional demonstration on the finer points of skinning and stuffing, then take part in a “Game Feed,” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a meal made with the very specimen being used in the demonstration. (A vegan option will be provided; stuffed artichokes, anyone?) Follow that up with the second annual “A Very Carnivorous Night” Taxidermy Contest. Celebrity judges and drink specials are in the offing. 

Oct. 28. Union Hall, 702 Union St. (at 5th Ave.), B’klyn, 718-638-4400; 5, free.

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