Boiler Room Directed by Ben Younger
Hiphop seems to have brought out the ethnicity in everyone. Especially?strangely enough?white boys. The first half of the new film Boiler Room is charged by the candor of ethnic expression. Its white Jewish narrator Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi) talks frankly about his ambition and greed, using the black rapper the Notorious B.I.G. as authority and role model. Biggie's rhyme about young black men's limited career options, "crack rock or hook shot," is adapted by Seth, the newest member in a corps of whiteboy stockbrokers. It seems young whites like Boiler Room's writer-director 26-year-old Ben Younger needed the prodding of black rappers' ethnic swagger to legitimize the shameless expression of venality. And though we all know that the circumstances behind black braggadocio and white arrogance stem from different social influences and opportunities, the spectacle of unbridled arrogance?and its suggested connection to social dissent?juices anticipation.