Separate and Unequal
Face it: Movie culture has split in two?films now appeal to either the dumb or the deluded. While critics labor under the fantasy that there is an audience for intelligent, sometimes serious movies, along comes a Titanic, a Blair Witch Project and more recently The Bone Collector and Double Jeopardy, proving that moviegoers are mostly suckers for trash. All others wait for the video tape. Sure, films like Julien Donkey-Boy and Dogma get made?with the requisite elements of grossness and juvenility?but, perhaps due to the misguided ambitions and muddled exposition, they circle the toilet bowl and plop. No audience exists for such junk (outside of film execs chasing a pseudo-intelligentsia already bored by Harmony Korine and Kevin Smith). Today's film audience is primarily young dupes consuming mindless fantasy. Their box-office picks confound the judgments of critics who think in terms of classics, and overwhelms the old, popular conception of movie art.