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The Brooklyn Academy of Music has commissioned indie-rocker/folk revivalist/Renaissance Man Sufjan Stevens to write a [music and film work](1. ) about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway for the 25th [Annual New Wave Festival]( on Nov. 1-3.

The project will pair one of the city’s most deplorable monuments with one of today’s most beautiful, symphonic artists. [Sufjan's website] reveals that the musical and cinematic project will look at Robert Moses’ controversial 11.7 mile roadway, which “tears through neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens with the brute force of modern urban planning...revealing what happens when Manifest Destiny converges with urban blight.”

At the festival, Sufjan will also play other new recordings, including music from his critically acclaimed albums Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lake State (2003) and Illinois (2005), as well as tracks from his other four albums. Michigan and Illinois are part of his [Epic Symphony Of 50 Movements], based on the 50 states. Is this BAM project a sign that New York is next?

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