A Clinton-loathingfriend of mine from New England is going gaga over George W. Bush, even though-orperhaps because-she doesn't know the first thing about him. "Let's getrid of the hicks!" she says. "Bring back the ruling class!" Onedoesn't know quite how to break it to her, but as population and power movesouthward and westward, the hicks and the ruling class are getting harder andharder to tell apart. Both the Clintons and Bushes are pretty good examplesof this new blueblood-redneck alliance.
That HillaryClinton is a model of our rube ruling class became apparent when the NewYork Post revealed that she had gone house-shopping last week and fallenin love with a new-ish 17-acre, $3.8 million property in Westchester. It has10,000 square feet, squash and tennis courts, an indoor pool and a place toland the helicopter. It's a measure of her yearning for the wide open spacesof Hick Heaven that Hillary is set on this latifundium. And its beside the pointthat she doesn't need it and certainly can't afford it, the high point of herearning career being the $100,000 bribe she got from cattle-futures trader Red Bone 20 years ago.