The Colgate Code

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Architects have been working to save a piece of wall from the 175-year-old building at [211 Pearl Street]. Like many of the city’s timeworn structures, this one has been destroyed to make way for bigger and better developments. But the 3 foot-by-10 foot remnant was salvaged because of three distinct triangles that stand out in the well worn brick.

Historians such as [Alan Solomon], who pushed to preserve the historical wall, are going nuts over what the three triangles could possibly mean. Was it an architect just having a little fun, or is it a Da Vinci Code-like symbol? The building was once owned by [William Colgate](, the founder of Colgate Palmolive Company and the American Bible Society. Intriguing, the plot thickens. But get this, while Colgate Palmolive has no record of the building being used by the company, Mr. Colgate did mention it in his will.

The wall’s mortar has been [dated to the 1950s]( ) or later, says mortar expert John Walsh (yeah, they have mortar experts)—not exactly BC, but the bricks may be older. Solomon is trying to uncover whether the triangles could have originated in the 19th century and been reassembled later. Just think, this could be a clue left by [Freemasons](, and the Holy Grail could be buried under the 6 train!

Photo courtesy of [jurek d. on Flickr]

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