Actor David Cross talks about the state of comedy, reprising the role of Tobias in 'Arrested Development' and his abiding love for NYC
David Cross is a comedian known just as much for his off-color stand-up humor as he is for giving life to a television character who can never ever be nude and wears cut-off jean shorts under his clothes at all times. This May, the world will finally get to see more of Tobias Fünke, Cross's character in Arrested Development, as the series' long-awaited Season 4 will premiere on Netflix. The show originally aired on Fox and was cancelled in its third season in 2006, but sky-high DVD sales and a huge fan base prompted the show's creators to bring it back for a brand-new season with all of the original cast members, a phenomenon previously unheard of for long-dead TV shows. On Wednesday, March 20, Cross will be reunited with Arrested Development cast mate Michael Cera at the 92 Y on the Upper East Side ([] for tickets) as Cera moderates a conversation with Cross on his work and career. Cross, who lives with his wife, actress Amber Tamblyn, in Brooklyn, spoke to us about his comedy career and what it was like to get back into those cut-offs after a six-year hiatus.(