The Death of Film: Godfrey Cheshire's First Movie Premieres

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Remember pre-millenium New York? I know, it's difficult to remember. But way back in 1999 Press film critic Godfrey Cheshire wrote about the "[Death of Film]" and stirred up all sorts of raw cinephilic emotions. Almost 10 years later, his first movie—[Moving Midway](, a documentary (shot digitally) that follows Cheshire's family's efforts to move their Southern plantation out of the way of urban sprawl in Raleigh, SC—premiered this weekend at the [IFC Center]( and[ Lincoln Plaza Cinemas](

“It’s kind of ironic after, having been associated with this death of film concept for a long time, that I’m starting out bridging the two eras, the two generations,” Cheshire told us recently. “I think it’s something that’s coming up a lot these days, and I think in a lot of different areas. For example people talk about Obama as being of this sort of century and McCain as being of the previous century, and I think that’s a very clear-cut difference right there. With a lot of significance in all sorts of different ways.”

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