The Donald Says, "You're On Fire!"

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Trump is a classy guy, everybody knows that. He even cleaned up a [cokey Miss America] and [slammed Rosie]( for being a fat slob (a demographic we can apparently still make fun of). Now he wants to help reform-minded party girls stop chugging VRBs and start sipping tea. Today, [Variety]( reported that Trump and Fox are developing a reality-show called “[Lady or a Tramp](,” which will send party girls to a charm school. The article doesn’t mention Paris or LiLo, but they seem like perfect contestants. Maybe the first class could focus on wearing underwear and obeying traffic laws. The show would follow in the footsteps of the British “[Ladette to Lady](” In other breaking news, it turns out that ‘ladette’ is British for ‘slut.’ Yeah, I didn’t know that either. Basically a bunch of ladettes go to charm school and the ladettiest of them will be voted off each week. The Donald is producing the show, and he might even come on air to check out how the girls are doing. So if you’re tired of anonymous sex in the Meatpacking district, think about trying out for the show—and let Trump turn you into a lady.

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