The First Rule of Pillowfight Club...

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Fantasize no more: There will be a room full of beautiful women whacking each other with pillows on Bleecker Street tonight and, for $25, you can watch. Tonight's event is a fundraiser to preview the [First Pillowfight Theatre Festival,] which kicks off this Saturday.

As well as cavorting with pillows, they’ll be offering a sample of their stand-up routines (covering such topics as bridesmaids, prostitution, queens and feminazis), and auctioning themselves off. To see them in action, have a look at their [MySpace page], where they strip down to their underwear and jump into the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

Gay and lesbian icon Lesley Gore will also be in attendance to promote the workshop of her new one-woman show, “It’s my party…yeah, right!” which promises to be an autobiographical account of her life as a pop legend in the '60s and beyond. Even though she’s no doubt sick of it by now, she might let out a quick burst of her feminist ditty, “[You Don’t Own Me],” a song about wanting to date more than just one boy at a time, which she used to sing a lot—at least until she started dating girls.

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