The Ghostbusters Firehouse

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It is a nearly ubiquitous call and refrain. Cry out, "Who you gonna call?" and the crowd yells "Ghostbusters!" Built in 1904 on the corner of North Moore and Varick streets, Ladder Company 8, the fire station used in the movie, still gets lots of calls and always comes running to the rescue-even almost 20 years since the film premiered.

During the movie shoot, the streets outside Ladder 8 were filled with foam as the then-deserted streets of Tribeca echoed empty and silent. Back then, a few residents and gawkers stood and watched as the big plastic Ghostbusters logo was affixed to the east wall of the truck bay.

The neighborhood is much busier now, but the station's five revolving firefighters and one boss, who take shifts living and working there, are the friendliest in the city-at least in the eyes of this neighbor. If the big painted doors are open, anyone may stop in, take photos or purchase a signature Ghostbusters/Ladder 8 T-shirt.

Visitors from across the pond to across this country are drawn to the station by both Ghostbusters lore and what I like to call the Museum of Melted Electronic Devices. These melted machines include fax, phone and answering devices that flank the entrance wall. According to the officer on duty, "We stopped collecting after Sept. 11, but kept the existing ones, sort of frozen in time." On 9/11, Ladder Company 8 lost Lt. Vincent Halloran, an amazing leader, father and community presence, but the house kept its spirit strong. Come visit.

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