The Impossible Dream

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Sometimes fans can actually will a team to win. That seemed to be the case last night as I watched the injured, short-staffed and constantly criticized Knicks [beat the former championship Detroit Pistons] in triple overtime. One is tempted to make the argument that the Knicks needed that [Denver Nuggets fight]( to restore some pride to the wounded team, but we donít want to encourage that sort of thing. Yes, last night was inspirational. And, for a New York minute, I lost my wits and got excited about the teamís playoff hopes. Then I realized I was probably experiencing the hallucinogenic effects of 48 hours without sleep, an overdose of cheap Midtown Manhattan caffeine and a monk-like addiction to the self-flagellating abuse that comes with being a hopeful Knick fan. Iíve had a good nightís sleep, just one cup of bean juice and today the Knicks win looks about as genuine as a Canal St. Rolex. Sanity restored.

*BONUS VITRIOL: Let me be clear...

-Ewing was always overrated
-John Starks was always underrated
-Marbury's game is about as valuable as [his new shoe]
-Steve Francis has been getting the shaft
-David Lee is actually fun to watch... when he gets minutes
-It's obvious that someone has put a curse on the Knicks
-Spike Lee is probably part of that curse

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