Black and White directed by James Toback
Before Black and White turns into a Brett Ratner-style music video during its end credits, director-writer James Toback exposes a world of betrayal, cultural pretense and moral chaos. You'll never be able to watch Yo! MTV Raps the same way again. Toback follows a group of white east-side prep school teens (some played by second-generation celeb kids Bijou Phillips, Gaby Hoffman) as they pursue glamour, sex and danger via hardcore black rappers who are themselves social aspirants (played by first-generation members of Wu-Tang Clan, Oli "Power" Grant and Corey "Raekwon" Woods). Focusing on class oppositions at the heart of contemporary hiphop culture?addressing the mainstream fascination MTV promotes but never examines?Toback shows today's white-black symbiosis ain't exactly pretty.