The Invincible Vandal

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No, we don’t have another local superhero story, but we do seem to have an iron man here in the city. The Daily news reports that [Anthony Albaricci, 24, was choked, stabbed, slashed with a razor and run by a SUV—twice—but he’s alive]. Allegedly, Albaricci was tagging the wall of Aamer Khan’s house in Woodside late Friday night with the message: “Aamer, you scum, pick up your phone.” But instead of picking up the phone, Khan, who owed Albaricci money, decided to kill him. Alabaricci claims he was lured into a Ford Explorer where a man choked him from behind using a belt, a guy to his left stabbed him with a butcher knife and a guy on his right used a razor to slash his face. H also says that one of the attackers tried to shoot him but the gun jammed. Finally, the attackers threw him out of the SUV and proceeded to drive over him a couple of times. Jeez, whoever participated in that really is scum.  The assailants, all Queens' men who range in age from 17 to 19, were charged with attempted murder, assault and weapons possession. You think?

Photo courtesy of [Seamus Murray on Flickr]

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