The Knicks Take Kick In The Ass

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The Knicks made an enormously [needed move] last night at the [NBA Draft](, when the hometown team finally traded egotistical and absurdly over-paid point guard [Steve “Franchise” Francis]( (he came up with the nickname himself!), whose one-and-a-half-year experiment here in the Big Apple failed. This seems like a good move, right? Not when the talented Isiah Thomas is calling the shots—he has the unique ability to turn any blessing into a curse. The Knicks’ president and head coach, in his enduring wisdom, dealt Francis to the Portland Trailblazers for an even more egotistical, more over-paid player: [Zach Randolph]( Not only does Randolph have an ego the size of Madison Square Garden, and an equally humongous four-year, $61 million contract, but the former Michigan State star also has a list of off-the-court issues that can only be matched by [Pacman Jones’ rap sheet]( Among other incidents, Randolph [beat up his own teammate](, had a [sexual assault charge]( brought against him by a stripper and often clashed with head coach Nate McMillan. Oh yeah, and the Knicks already [traded for a low-post forward]( last year: Eddie Curry. Nice move, Isiah, nice move.

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