The Mad. Ave. Dealer Gets Madder

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Antiques dealer Karl Kemp, who made headlines last week by suing vagrant Roger Greenlee, 64, for $1 million for allegedly driving away his business, has now [cut off the hot air to a steam grate in hopes that the cold will drive away the homeless from in front of his store], the Daily News reports. Uh Karl, Iím pretty sure the cityís homeless population is used to far colder weather than this. His latest ploy was no simple feat: contractors lugged away the big metal heating ducts yesterday morning, once they had rerouted the 109.9-degree air from the basement boiler to a locked alley behind the store at Madison Ave. and 69th St. Kemp is nothing if not resourceful when it comes to protecting his bottom line, though one wonders why he didnít just do this quietly before filing a lawsuit that launched him to instant bad guy stardom. (

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