I was ridingdown the elevator in our apartment building last Friday morning with two constructionworkers who were off on a coffee break. One of the guys was wearing a tie-dyedshirt and had long, black hair down to his butt: a 60s throwback performingan honest day's work?that is, if you consider unions honest. Anyway,I asked him about BillClinton's scorecard so far on Kosovo:"He's chickenshit. I say parking lot in Yugoslavia, baby."His older companion, a black man, just nodded: "I have a son in the military,and that draft-dodger scares me." Mind you, upon further questioning, boththese men thought the impeachment proceedings against the President were muchado about nothing; it was simply Ken Starr digging for sex stories. Nothingwrong with B.C. gettin' a little on the side.
So endedClinton's worst week in his roller-coaster presidency. Pundits are curiousas to why his polling numbers are in free fall now?contradicting the usualrallying round the flag and commander-in-chief?especially when he becamemore popular with each criminal, and immoral, revelation that was publicizedlast year. My guess is that Americans now realize how hapless their "leader"is: They could dismiss the Monica unpleasantness as "just sex,"especially as the economy soared, but now that Clinton is stumbling so disastrouslyin the war against Slobodan Milosevic, it's apparent to all thatthis hack has no business occupying the White House.