There'sa depressing, not to mention inadvertently funny, article in the July 19 Nationthat's worth examining for anyone who's fascinated, as I am, by the left's effetenessand milksop inefficacy. How do these people presume to accomplish anything ofworth if their magazines keep defining themselves with articles like this one?Entitled "Did Buffy Do It?" the article, by Tara Zahra, is anotherin the genre of ruminations on the violence that characterizes youth entertainment.
"Ateenager runs away from home to stop her father from forcing her to marry him,"Zahra writes at the top. "A man rapes a woman while she sleeps, who thenbears twins without waking up," and so on. Then, irrelevantly and predictably,Zahra tries to pull the rug out from under her readers, informing them thatthese plots aren't from Sega games or Saturday morning cartoons, but rather"from fairy tales...that were all the rage in the eighteenth century."