The Only Way to Beat the Heat?

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Does a genius feel smart at a Mensa convention? Does the prom queen still feel beautiful, standing in line for an open movie audition? Maybe nudists forget they’re not wearing anything once they’ve been at the colony for a day or two. But if you were to strip down to your underwear and stroll, prance or sidle down Times Square, it’s a safe bet you’d feel the eyes of the world (Mickey Mouse) scanning your exposed areas. To do it, you’d have to be either supremely confident or a masochist.

Either way, that’s exactly what a crew of male and female models, and mere mortals passing by did today at the crossroads of the world, where changing stations were set up so they could put on a free fresh pair of unmentionables. Today is the [fifth annual National Underwear Day]. Between 11am and 2pm there was a runway show, giveaways and contests that [promoted a layer of clothing]( that sponsor [](, an online retailer specializing in said product, says doesn’t the attention it deserves.

The event also marks the beginning of freshpair’s partnership with victim’s services group [Safe Horizon]. This program will provide free undergarments for the population Safe Horizon serves and a monetary donation for the services it provides.

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